The Penfolds Style

Penfolds winemakers along with independent international wine critics describe the Penfolds style.

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[MUSIC] So, the truth about Australian wine is that fine Australian wine has got great aging properties. And in fact, Penfolds has a huge reputation for aging. The cellaring potential for Koonunga Hill really does Not just amazed consumers, but over the years, it's actually amazed Penfolds as well. In the tier of Penfolds, we have Koonunga Hill at entry level. We have a tier of wines through the bins, Thomas Hyland, all the way through to Grange. Perhaps the most famous Koonunga Hill wine is our Shiraz Cabernet. Which began in 1976 and I'll tell you if you can find any '76 at auction let me know, I need to buy some. Use of oak at Penfolds is very important. Penfolds we use different types of oak for different styles. We've got obviously at the top of the tree Penfolds Grange, which is 100% new American oak. [MUSIC] At Penfolds we make three very different distinctive styles of wine. We make single vineyard wines, single region wines and we make multi-regional blends. The single regional wines they really do to help us develop. What is important about a different grape for the cultural regions.>> There is a sense in America that Australia makes great big fruit forward jammy alcoholic wines. And that's not the Penfold style. The Penfold style is a much more discrete wine making style. They're built to last and in that sense they're a link between Australia and the old European styles of wine making. This is the vintage of Bin 707 that got the wine recognized in America. I don't think many people knew of this wine before the 1990 Vintage. You can smell cunnawarra. In this wine. I know that this is supposed to be a multi-regional blend and a style. But this is as pretty much. [FOREIGN] But one of the main things that I think was so fascinating about Grange is that it is such an important waypoint of the Australian wine industry. These wines have the color or wines that are, say, eight or ten years Years old and not 18 and 17 years old. The aromas are still fresh. As a Penfolds wine maker I think my mission statement really is to maintain the quality and focus, which really the winemakers of the past have really installed in to us. And if we can maintain and improve and even come up with new styles. I think Penfolds will be in healthy hand for many years to come. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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The Penfolds Style