Penfolds Rewards of Patience VI

Andrew Caillard, Peter Gago, and others discuss the Rewards of Patience VI Tasting that occurred in South Australia and then join in celebrating the resulting book launch in the US.

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[MUSIC] The Rewards of Patience book was instigated in the early 1980's. Around 1985. There was an auction that was held at the same time as the launch of the Rewards of Patience which was nothing more than a small little pamphlet WIth about 80 or 90 tasting notes over a period of time evolved into everything that you need to know about Penfolds wines. We bring in a panel of international judges from around the world Assess all of our wins back through the 90s the 80s the 70s all the way back through the 50s. The sixth edition actually tastes wines that have never been looked at before including a few hidden treasures that we didn't even know existed. Penfolds let us do is go back and taste all of the wine that they've ever made that they still have. I would love for some other large wine producers in America, or in Europe, to do something like that. [MUSIC] This project was a phenomenal project, drawing over a million dollars worth of stock out of [UNKNOWN] cellars. And then bringing tasters all around the world to come and taste all of the wines. Almost every single wine that Penfolds produced since 1951. We tasted wines that were made to be consumed within four or five years, and we tasted 30-year-old versions of those wines, and they were still great. So the proof's in the pudding. And these wines, many decades later, taste fantastic. [MUSIC] People are always surprised just on the quality of Penfolds wines. How long they've lasted, the complexity of our wines. Tradition has showed us Stylistically where we should be heading and now with innovation, we can not only carry on the traditions of the past, but we can also look at new ways of doing things, new varieties, possibly even new areas to make our red wines from. When people see that Penfolds stamp, they think about consistency. They think about greatness. They think about value. Breadth. And some of the greatest and most iconic wines in Australia. Wines that really do benchmark admirably with the greatest wines on planet Earth. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Penfolds Rewards of Patience VI