Pebble Beach Food & Wine: Setting the Culinary Stage

A behind-the-scenes look at the culinary demos and wine tastings featured at the sixth annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Jackie Tranchida coming to you from Pebble Beach Food & Wine, a world class event held in a world class setting for six years in a row. And we're bringing you inside all of the hottest events in tastings, while talking to [UNKNOWN] chefs from across the country who have all come here. To Pebble Beach to showcase their exquisite work. So whether you're looking to pick up some cooking tips for your culinary skillset, or just enjoy some mouth-watering meals, you'll find it all right here. [MUSIC] In California, in 2007, there wasn't a single nationally recognized food and wine event. Pebble Beach Food & Wine launched with 4,000 guests year one. We've got 100 celebrity chefs coming in from all over the world. We've got 250 wineries, wine makers pouring over 500 individual wines. And in this forest we'll be doing almost 70 events throughout the four days. So I mean, it is definitely four days of hedonism in a forest. [MUSIC] This partnership between the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival and Jenn-Air is perfect because you have this amazing talent here. It allows The people who are attending to get in touch with their inner chef. When we make these products we design them with cooks in mind. Ultimately the outcome is going to be something that you and your guests are going to enjoy that much more. [MUSIC] I started eating cheese to become an expert. From the time I was a kid I loved cheese. It was a second career actually to start writing about food and not long after that I knew I wanted to write about cheese. So if I'm looking to do a cheese board I'll probably look for three different cheeses, maybe made from different milks sheep, goat, cow. Different textures. Versus if I'm gonna cook with it, then I might look for a good melting cheese. [MUSIC] As I'm pouring the Bordeaux blend. We're all unfined, unfiltered. We do whole berry fermentation. Natural yeast. What would you pay it with something like this with? This really goes well with a brazed meat. Any kind of slow grazed, like a short rib. I love it with lamb, like a sheared lamb. It really has some depth and structure to it. [MUSIC] Chocolate, most people think of it as a desert of treat. How do you guys like to infuse chocolate in a main meal? Cocoa nibs is actually a really great product to work with. Because it works really well with the savoury side of things. Salmon with cocoa nib were very well maybe also you can work with very dark chocolates called cocoa liquor it contain no sugar at all. And you can put a little bit in sauce to make them a bit darker, a little bit thicker and give that little kick of chocolates. This is the most amazing venue. Food and Wine puts so much effort to make it beautiful and elegant. And it's just fun to be here. [MUSIC]
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Pebble Beach Food & Wine: Setting the Culinary Stage