Pebble Beach Food & Wine: The Grand Tasting

Inside the Pebble Beach Grand Tasting Tent, with a glimpse at creative dishes from 30 top celebrity chefs and over 300 wines from celebrated producers.

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[MUSIC] g I'm Jackie Tranchida at Pebble Beach Food and Wine. And we're at the most exciting and action packed event here, The Grand Tasting. 30 elite shops are cooking up their specialties. Keys in creating a truly spectacular culinary experience and let's not forget about the wine pairings while we're mixing, mingling and tasting. You walk in and they hand you your wine glass vineyards everywhere from all around the world. The food the wine it doesn't get better than this. Other than that, it's a lifestyle. All of the senses are taken care of, and every thing that you want is here. What are you cooking up today? We have smoked duck, cashew butter, and hot pepper jelly sandwich on sweet potato brioche. A little peanut sauce in there. Our crunchy crust and then the meat on top. Oh, it's fantastic. What would you pair this with? The smoked duck would be really nice with the Pinot noir. [MUSIC] What is a tip that you have for serving or selecting a wine? And the temperature is really important. Having wine at the right temperature helps everyone to enjoy it more. I just learned that you can serve red a little chilled. Absolutely, and especially in an environment where it might be a little warm, having it chilled down a bit really allows you to taste the flavors, and the fruit in the wine. [MUSIC] What is this you have for us? There's duck Grier, mousse of duck liver, fig glaze and crackling. It's a feat that we dry for a really long time over charcoal, and a make a sauce from crustacean. Like sea urchin and lobster and then fresh trout roe. [MUSIC] Being at Pebble Beach is great to begin with, but for me, a lot of this is camaraderie. There are guys that I've cooked with for 25 years or 20 years. And we get together, and we cook, we see what each of us is doing. We exchange techniques, ideas. It's fun for us too, because. We just get to walk around and walk up to chefs and ask them questions. Everyone's so approachable, so you really feel like you're a part of it instead of just attending it. What's your favorite so far? Food, the win, or the views? You can't separate it. It's the whole package. Everything's represented. The great experience. [MUSIC]
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Pebble Beach Food & Wine: The Grand Tasting