Pebble Beach Food & Wine: The Beauty of Cheese

Cheese expert Laura Werlin shares great tips on pairing wine and cheese. Plus, how she assembles a perfect cheese plate.

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm Jackie Tranchida here at Pebble Beach food and wine and it could be argued that wine and cheese is the most natural pairing So now we're with James Beard aware winning cookbook author Laura [UNKNOWN] for a seminar on this classic duo. Everybody loves cheese everybody loves wine and it makes sense to just put them together I'm the author of six books about cheese so people know me partly because of that. When it comes to cheese and wine pairing you actually want to taste The wine before you taste the cheese. Because cheese has a greater impact on how wine tastes, more than wine affects how cheese tastes. So you always want to taste wine on a clean pallet and then add the cheese. [INAUDIBLE] The cheese which really basically speaks to a fresher style cheese means lighter wine. If I'm looking to do a cheese board I'll probably look for three different cheeses maybe made from different milks, sheep, goat, cow, different textures. Versus if I'm gonna cook with it, look for a good melting cheese, that has a lot of flavor. I'm serving a buffalo chicken with mac and cheese. With crispy skin, and I think everyone's kinda liking it. We were hoping that you could help us pair with Laura's dish. I honestly go back to a great chardonnay with some nice acidity, but has the richness in the middle to cool down all that spice. [MUSIC] Buffalo Mozzarella Ravioli, it's got a pork belly, [UNKNOWN] beef, and veal ragu. What would you pair with that? I would probably choose a northern Italian red wine, like a Barolo or maybe a Barbera, something a little bit rustic, but a little bit of fruit to go with all of the many flavors in here, and textures. What do you look for when you're looking for a wine here? Needless to say, there is an entire world of wine. I try to try as much as I can that I haven't heard of. So that I can add to my body of knowledge and then find cheeses to go with it. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Pebble Beach Food & Wine: The Beauty of Cheese