Pebble Beach Food & Wine: The Art of Chocolate

Jacques and Hasty Torres share their passion for all things chocolate in a decadent and creative demonstration.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Jackie Tranchida here at Pebble Beach Food and Wine, in front of the Jenn-Air master class Culinary Pavilion. What do you get when you bring together one of the world's most respected pastry chefs I'm Beverly Hill's own Madam Chocolate. You get the first couple of chocolate of course Jacques and Hasty Torres. And we're bringing you inside the most decadent demo of the weekend, a passion for chocolate. With me is the king and queen of chocolate. Today you guys are doing an amazing demo on of course chocolate, tell us what we can expect. Definitely lots of beautiful chocolate to eat. We are generous with all of that because we want everyone to have a good time with it. Then we going to do a presentation. The theme going to be the house wife of table beach. Bags, glasses, high heel. Lips Bling It's all about techniques, fun working with chocolates. Don't be too intimidated chocolate is good anyway whatever you do to it. So it's just about having fun. Depending on where the cocoa beans are grown they tend to have their own flavor profile. You how fluid that chocolate is, that's because this chocolate contains a lot of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter make that when you put the chocolate in your mouth it going to melt. You aren't going to have any residue, that's the sign of a very good chocolate. What is it that makes someone a master at their craft? I really believe that talent doesn't exist, passion exists. Nobody's born We've the talent of Leonardo Da Vinci. He work for it. He work for it but he was passionate about it. Chefs are the same. We have a passion. We love what we do. We do it a lot. We try to reach excellence Maybe excellence doesn't exist but this work and this passion make the chefs who they are. What do you think drew each of you to chocolate and sort of having your whole lives surround this one delicious thing. I think that chocolate is actually an extremely magical food, it's so nostalgic and it Just makes you happy, just by even looking at it or smelling it, and then once you taste it it just draws memories, it's instant happiness. If people only took one thing away from you seminar today, what do you want them to know about chocolate? The darker the cacao's content, the better. Better it is. [MUSIC]
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Pebble Beach Food & Wine: The Art of Chocolate