Palmetto Bluff Idea House Overview

Step inside the Palmetto Bluff Idea House in Bluffton, South Carolina and see the new design possibilities that await you and your home.

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Were in Palmetto Bluff, which is a beautiful residential community. That's nestled in the low country of South Carolina. Its just the beautiful unspoiled stretch of land. As you approach the house one of the nice things is that the house is really seen from silhouette against the water. There's a really great marriage of two concepts in this house, and that's the sort of laid back, casual fish camp married with this really modern esthetic. What I love about the notion of fish camp is there's a certain level of comfort there and we wanted the house to have that aura about it. One decision we made was to have a screen door. I think that sets a tone that says this isn't your typical suburban front door. There's something about a screen door that resonate approachability. Right when you walk in the door, immediately you just really get the sense that all the spaces connect The style of the house, while very formal, also has a very crisp, tailored finish to it, but is a nice inner play between that casual feeling with the more formal spaces that you see. The living room is a great space because it's perfect for entertaining a large crowd. But also just right for everyday living. [MUSIC] Suzanne has done a great job adding lots of layering of color and textures. One of the big lessons in this room for me, is how you can combine accessories of all different sizes and shapes and finishes. And they all just mix and work so well together. One of the great advantages of having so many windows is that you always have the gorgeous view outside. And it also brings in an abundance of natural light which still allows the room to feel very light and airy. One of the challenges of an open concept floor plan where the kitchen is visible from all angles and rooms Is that often times you do need a space for those more hardworking and messy elements in a kitchen. And so this was just brilliantly conceived in this house to have what they're calling a clutter room and this is where all of the prep work can be done before entertaining and its just a really great space to hide all of the mess. [MUSIC] Even though the bedding in the master bedroom is predominantly all white, Susanne has still created a lot of interest. Right when you walk in the room has just got such a beautiful, peaceful feel. [MUSIC] The master bathroom is centered on a beautiful soaking tub that almost acts like a piece of sculpture in the room. [MUSIC] Right when you come to the top of the stairs, you see the landing, which acts as sort of a bridge between the two sides to the upstairs of the house. You're up high, so it just feels like a tree house. When you walk in the girls' room, the showpiece is really the bed. It just has such a pretty color and pattern. The girls' room really proves that even a small dose of color can have a really big effect. [MUSIC] When you walk into the blue bedroom, there's a bright blue navy color on the trim. It's really just a sophisticated take on a child's bedroom. [MUSIC] The guest room upstairs is such a beautiful, etherial space. The color palate in this bedroom is so soothing and really echoes the view just outside the windows. When you look at the square footage of the house, there's a lot of porch. That was very intentional because we want to encourage people to be outside and to connect with the environment and nature, and those are the spaces that a lot of times are the most comfortable. Outdoor living is a key component of this house. It's really the mission behind Paul Meadow Bluff to integrate nature into every aspect of this house. It's everything you think about when you think of the iconic south. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Palmetto Bluff Idea House Overview