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This is Mimi Lombardo. Here are some tips that will make your packing easy. Rolling clothes compactly is the best choice for getting as much in the suitcase as possible. Position heavier items near the wheels to the bag won't topple when upright. Pack one outfit for the opposite of what the forecast tells you. The weather may change quickly and it's good to be prepared. Use shoes as packing cubes, putting socks and underwear in them. Pack no more than three pairs of shoes. A dressy pair for a dinner out, sneakers, and another casual shoe. Keep them in felt shoe bags or Ziploc bags. Ziplocs are great for all your child's toiletries, shampoo, toothpaste with toothbrush, and body lotion. If you travel often, keep these items in a Ziploc ready to go. Always pack your child's medicine. You never know where you'll be when your child gets sick. If you keep a travel kit for medicine check expiration dates before you leave. Bring your child's favorite books and stuffed animals. It's comforting for the child to have familiar things on hand. Bring a light blanket for a small child. It's always good to have one. If you have to travel with a child's party dress or suit, put it in dry cleaning plastic and pack it as your last item. The plastic will keep your wrinkles to a minimum. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Packing Tips