Get the true taste of a destination by browsing great outdoor markets from Paris to New York.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Nilou. And I'm Sarah. There's nothing we like better than getting the true taste of a destination at an outdoor market. These are our picks of the best spots from Paris to New York City. One of my favorite spots in Paris is the Marche des Enfants Rouges. This outdoor market in the Marais is one of the oldest in France. The place is a magnet for chic locals in search of ethnic bites and killer roast chicken. Closer to home, the Santa Monica Farmers' Market tops my list for its delicious California produce. I head there to pick up cartons of berries and amazing blood oranges. From there of course is off to my favorite boutiques on the third street promenade and then straight to the beach. I Just got back from London where I made a B line for Borough Market. I love to soak up the atmosphere as I walk through the stalls and I do my Fair share of sampling as I go but I always save room for a dozen local oysters at Wright Brothers. Our home town pick is the Brooklyn Flea, not only are there delicious artisanal food stands. Have you seen the guy with a brick oven in the back of his truck? His pizza's are amazing. I know, plus there's cool one of a kind shopping and the hipster people watching cannot be beat. See you next time. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]
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