Organizing Open Floor Plans

Learn how to clearly define the different areas of an open floor plan with paint, light fixtures and well-placed furniture.

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[MUSIC] When organizing an open floor plan, the goal is to create distinct living and dining spaces. So don't think that just because you have one big large room that you can't have multiple seating or dining spaces in that one space. Start by using key architectural features like fireplaces and windows as your guide. To center and group seating arrangements around. And don't over look multitasking furniture like consoles and bookcases that can act as room dividers and help define a space. Don't overlook paint. Just like we did in the kitchen here, we painted the ceiling a dark color to help add a cosy feel and help define the space. And last, utilize lighting. Every unique seating and dining area should have its own light source. So hang a chandelier or a pendant light over a dining table. Or put a pair of floor lamps next to a sofa to give each area its own unique feel. [MUSIC]
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Organizing Open Floor Plans