Opening Night at Octavia

Watch as Chefs Feed takes you inside the first night of service at chef Melissa Perello's San Francisco restaurant, Octavia.

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[NOISE] That's all the chives we have, huh? I think it's good. You think it needs acidity? Hey, if you guys use the sink downstairs [CROSSTALK] pull your sauces with- Or just a light And this is our opening night. So tonight was try and keep track of our counts. If you hear me or the explanator 86 something it's everyone's responsibility to pass on that info. Any extra time we'll just clean, scrub things down as much as possible. That's it guys. That's really it. Thanks a lot. Spectacular service. Bye. How's it going? Pretty good. [CROSSTALK] Good to see you. How are you? Why don't you guys make yourselves comfortable right up here. Well welcome this is obviously your first time. Thank you. We're very excited. The main courses you'll notice [CROSSTALK] Tonight we have rib-eye, aged for- Really fantastic vermouth cocktails, yeah. I had no idea they could be so fabulous. How are we looking on six oysters? Hi, how are you? [CROSSTALK] Seven wants a spit bucket. [INAUDIBLE] $125 on [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] If I have time, I hit it with a little oil. Actually we are gonna get a little crushed at eight o'clock. Oh, is it? How's the quail? Looking busy now. We've got an egg in one hand, he's got a glass. And then he's got a bottle of wine under his arm. [CROSSTALK] little more grime. Hot water, hot water, coming up. [CROSSTALK] Hey, can I get a better plate, this is ridiculous. [CROSSTALK] Go ahead and swap out menus. Deep breath, everythings okay. Really? Nobody's ordering desert. Wait, what's that ticket that just came in? Order in the house menu. [CROSSTALK] Get some of those little bowls for the pudding. Do you want to run this? Can I get a runner producer please? Coffee, Tea,anything along those lines? Did you guys here we're pretty much all in barring any walk ins. Start breaking it down. Yeah. Bye, thanks for coming. I don't think there were any hang ups as far as like hot apps, and entrees. There were points where it was just disorganized and we're all finding our way. Hey, it's Melissa at Francis. I'm sorry. I'm not at Francis. I'm at Octavia. 12 heads of fennel, 4 pounds of garlic, 6 each Cara Cara naval oranges, if possible. If not, any orange substitution. [NOISE] All right good first night. We did it. We did it. See you tomorrow. See you early in the morning. Okay. [CROSSTALK] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Opening Night at Octavia