Opening Night: Aster

Chefs Feed shares an inside look at the opening night of Aster in San Francisco.

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[SOUND] Good afternoon, thank ou for calling Aster. Okay, what's the name on your reservation? Oh, yeah I see it right there. So, at 7:30. So just for two people? Okay great, we'll see you then. I, you now what? That's what's missing. That preserved lemon pulp and the white balsamic vinegar. Tasted like it was missing one thing and I couldn't put my finger on it. Super excited for tonight. You know? Obviously been looking forward to it for a really long time. We've got to establish that sense of the neighborhood aspect so that we can really form our identity of what the restaurant is. Thanks guys How's the music level, is it a little loud or is it good. Hi, we are yeah tonight's our first night of service. It is tonight? It is tonight. So, at this point for reservations we're fully booked, but we are accepting walk ins. Totally booked tonight, yep. Yeah, well we're trying to keep it a little- Where is everybody? I know but there's no walk ins or. It's the opening, I want people lined up at the door. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Welcome, awesome. How are you today? Let's see the bottle list here. [CROSSTALK] This next menu, whatever is on the back side. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, it's a little big for our first course. Okay. I can see you guys at our communal table. [CROSSTALK] Two jumble all day. I need to fire another dumpling. Three all day? Three all day. You ready to play? [CROSSTALK] Like a real restaurant. [CROSSTALK] At the same time. Danny, you wanna slide a little bit, I'm gonna help her plate. This is difficult, we have to reassess all of our stations. I've got three lamb, one no wheatberries, two pork coming up fast. Something's got a hold back in the animal table needs to hold. No we can't hold back. Okay then I need to plate that first. That, just straight right here. Can we get that please? This is about the busiest it's ever gonna get. The thing is, we made It was good, though, it was good. We started out a little slow, like where is everybody? [INAUDIBLE] Thanks for coming in, appreciate it. Nice to see you. Our kitchen is not set up for the menu that we're doing. We realized that tonight. There is some long ticket times. It's good, though. I'm really happy with the food tonight. Everyone out there was really happy, so I mean That's the most important thing. Day one guys, in the books. It's just gonna get better too, that's the great part. Every day, every week, every month.
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Opening Night: Aster