Open Floor Plan Tips

Living with an open floor plan has its benefits and its challenges. Idea House architect Ken Pursley tells you how to make it work.

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[MUSIC] A few thoughts on how to live with an open floor plan, one would be to really think through what you want to be the front stage and what you want to be the back stage. Because, when you have an open plan, the upside is the connectedness, the downside is where do you put all the stuff. Thin the clutter. And so generally when we do an open plan there's always gonna be a back stage. In an ideal situation, there's a room that you walk into that handles a lot of that clutter. A lot of times when you have an open space, I do like to lower and raise ceiling heights in some ways. So if you can do a space off of a space. There's ways to still feel connected but not feel like, everybody's on top of each other. Using lighting and chandeliers is a great way that if you've got a tall lofty space, using a chandelier and hanging it lower can really bring the scale of the space down. And if you have a low space, I mean sometimes I actually like to use beams or architectural elements to actually make the space feel lower. So instead of trying to make a low space feel tall, go ahead and make the low space cozy. Go ahead and make it a little more introspective and just let it be what it naturally is. [MUSIC]
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Open Floor Plan Tips