One Pan Pasta, Meet Pasta Loaf

By baking pasta in a Bundt pan, you develop a crown of deliciously crispy crunchy edges.

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I love baked pasta, especially it gets this amazing crispy crust, and an awesome corners. And I talk to myself, how can I get more of that? And I have a solution. And it's my favorite pan in the whole wide word, the bun pan. [MUSIC] I'm starting with some cooked spaghetti and I'm gonna add three cheeses. I'm adding some Fontina, some white cheddar, and some Parmigiano-Reggiano. Then I'm adding some milk, room temperature, right on top. And then I'm going to add some eggs. [MUSIC] And then I'm gonna add a lot of black pepper, so it's about two teaspoons of black pepper, and salt. And I'm gonna mix this really well. [MUSIC] My gosh, noodles. Noodles everywhere. And you wanna spread them around nice and evenly. I'm gonna pop this in a 425 degree for 35 to 40 minutes. I've taken my pasta out of the oven, and I've let it sit for 15 minutes. And now for the big reveal. Gonna take a platter, and I'm gonna invert it on top of the bunt pan. [LAUGH] Did you hear that? You ready? Holy smokes, look at my pasta bunt. It's got all these crazy crispy edges. I cannot wait to eat this. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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One Pan Pasta, Meet Pasta Loaf