Chef Stupak's East Village

Chef Alex Stupak's Guide To the East Village

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[BLANK_AUDIO] It's a creative city. It's a city that sort of always investing and re-inventing itself. That's manifested everywhere, in music And art and architecture and, for me, it's all in the East Village. You don't even have to go far. [MUSIC] Any day that you wake up in New York City and want to be inspired, it's not a matter of if you get to or not, it's a matter of how. the restaurant scene here is insane. But also the museums the music venues. I mean heck just walking around and looking up. Just looking at all the buildings and wondering what they're all there for, the inspiration endless. My neighborhood offers a lot. there's just so much here. Both in terms of inspiration but also in terms of sustenance, nourishment, and whether that be walking by a beautiful piece of architecture or seeing a great piece of street art. On a walk. [MUSIC] Or stopping into a great neighborhood restaurant that's been there for decades and getting one of the most delicious and unpretentious meals you ever had in your life. I don't have an office in a traditional sense. I always had to talk in Square Park and my office is a park bench there. The people that I've always admired most. Have always made it a point to not conform. They might shock people. They might upset people. Maybe not intentionally, but they're willing to take that risk. If there was ever a city where that happens all the time, where shock and change are valued. It's going to be here in New York. I love the idea that, you can never stop discovering. Those things that you can discover that are often obscured. [MUSIC] Empellon means to shove something or someone out of your way, to push in a new direction, the idea of what do you want to do? What do you want to be known for? Maybe this all does tie into creativity because maybe it's really finding your own path or finding your own way. If you feel bored with New York City you've given up. You're just not paying attention cuz it is infinite.
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Chef Stupak's East Village