Nick Morgenstern: Sesame Honeycomb

Nick Morgenstern demonstrates how to make his popular ice cream topping: sesame honeycomb.

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[MUSIC] Nick Morgenstern, Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream. This is our sesame honeycomb. This is a component that we use for our King Kong Banana Split, adds a really nice crunch. We're gonna show you how to do that today. So, we're caramelizing the sugar, honey, and the glucose now. You can see that the honey and the sugar is well caramelized, so we're going to add our baking soda and our sesame seeds. We need to stir it. As soon as the volume has reached the top of the pot, we're going to pour it quickly onto our non-stick baking mat. We're going to let it cool here now. As soon as it's cool we can break it up and we want to get it into an airtight container right away. So the honeycomb is ready to be broken now. And, as you can see, it's really crisp and there's a lot of air pockets inside which is exactly what you're looking for. [MUSIC]
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Nick Morgenstern: Sesame Honeycomb