Newton & Pott Preserves in London

Kylee Newton has breathed new life into the forgotten art of pickling and preserving in London. She launched her company Newton & Pott as a stall at Broadway Market in Hackney, and it's still going strong today selling jams, pickles and chutneys. On top of this, Kylee's cookbook The Modern Preserver Is popping up all over national newspapers, magazines and television. Originally from New Zealand, Kylee makes all of her products in her small home kitchen, where the walls are stacked with empty jars and crates of fruit. We visited her at home to find out more about her craft.—London's Issy Croker and Megan Abbott of The Curious Pear and F&W's Around the World Network.

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Hi, I'm Kylee Newton on The Modern Preserver. I, basically, have a love for preserving and I didn't want to waste anything, so it kinda just made sense. I wanted something that was low-waste and Longevity. BEcause I want it to look really old school. But have this kind of modern feel to it. It see what's in season and I kind of get inspired by that and just make up what's available to me at the time. I like to put a little bit of a twist on my jams. So this [UNKNOWN] A floral or herby or alcohol element to them. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Newton & Pott Preserves in London