Newport Mansions Wine & Food: The Playful Artistry of Chef Michel Richard

Chef Michel Richard, a pioneer in French/California cuisine, prepares his trompe l'oeil "Lemon Egg-ceptional" dessert, a white chocolate shell filled with meringue and lemon curd.

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm Jackie Tranchida here at the Newport Mansions Wine and Food Festival. And today we're visiting legendary chef Michel Richard, a pioneer in French California cuisine. [MUSIC] When I was a very young man, a friend of mine took me to his father's restaurant from the back door. And I fell in love with it. I told my mom, mom when I grow older. She say, what, what? I wanna be a chef. And here I am. 50 years later I'm still a chef. I look young For 65. [LAUGH] Chef Michel is known for his passion for the art of cooking, his thoughtful approach, and the details that elevate every dish. When I think about it, I try to create a new dish as something fun. I create a dish with Israeli couscous, it's a round couscous. And make a big [UNKNOWN] Big, big, big caviar. And add some black [UNKNOWN] And serve in with an egg and lobster. It's delicious, and everybody loves it. If you come to my restaurant, [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] Now i'm going to show you how to make a great dessert. What are we making? Very, very simple. Egg, Lemon Egg-ceptional, egg-ceptional. I do an ice cube in the shape of an egg and I dip it into the white chocolate. Do oil to make it thin, right? And then remove the white chocolate. And I'm going to put it down. Beautiful, like [UNKNOWN] We are cooking now the curd, the lemon curd. A lemon curd sauce, we mix the lemon, the york, mix together, microwave. It is delicious. See. Wow. You get a little bowl, you mix. Mix, make sure everything is mixed. It is so simple. [MUSIC] And you fill it, this side is moras and a little bit of lemon curl. [MUSIC] Oh it's so good. Thank you very much. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]
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Newport Mansions Wine & Food: The Playful Artistry of Chef Michel Richard