Newport Mansions Wine & Food: The Exquisite Details

A behind-the-scenes at the 7th Annual Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival in Rhode Island.

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm Jackie Tranchida coming to you from the Newport Mansions Wine and Food festival. A world-class event held amidst some of the nation's most storied Gilded Age mansions. And we're bringing you inside the exclusive events and tastings, and going behind the scenes to talk with A-list chefs and [UNKNOWN] from across the country, who have all come here to gorgeous Newport, Rhode Island, to showcase their So join me as we discover the details of their craft, fabulous tips on cooking and entertaining, and of course spectacular food. [MUSIC] << This is probably in our view the best wine and food festival anywhere in America and what makes it so special is the fact that it's held in some of the most glorious, fantastic mansions in this country. There is nothing like the Newport Mansions. If you look at this setting combined with the food, combined with the wine, I mean it makes for an amazing experience. When I create a new dish, it needs to be fun. I do an ice cube in the shape of an egg and I dip it in white chocolate and then Remove the white chocolate. It's beautiful, it looks like a mixture. Oh. Voila. [MUSIC] They say [UNKNOWN] it's the best of the best of their single vintage wines. This is 2012 so it's 11 years old. And it's the current vintage. Meaning all the other years in between are still gonna be put on hold until they age to perfection. This is the creme de la creme. Cheers. We had a sweet home local truffle custard. The presentation's beautiful. But it's a basic concept of adding rich flavors with slightly acidic flavors and balancing your fats and acids really. Jenn-Air is all about a discerning audience. Luxury homes, luxury entertaining, and you really can't get more luxury than Newport. When on the grounds, one of the great mansions in Newport. What's better than food, wine, a wonderful setting, [UNKNOWN]. Some great wines that I have discovered in the tense. Travel is a big piece of the food and wine experience, so I want to associate ourselves with the best destinations and create a best event in this place. [MUSIC]
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Newport Mansions Wine & Food: The Exquisite Details