Newport Mansions Wine & Food: The Art (and Science) of Wine Tasting

Wine expert, author and sommelier Anthony Giglio shares his approachable take on wine.

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[MUSIC] Hi,I'm Jackie Tranchida at the Newport Mansion's wine and food Festival and we're with one of the most Entertaining wine experts on the planet, Anthony Giglio. Anthony's a journalist, n educator, a sommelier, and the author of three editions of the Food & Wine wine guide. He's also known for his humorous insights and approachable take on wine. What do you smell? It's like raspberries, blackberries, dried fruits, prunes. Yeah, I was going to say, a lot of berries. Coming to this festival today. I come in, I taste all the light whites. Then I do like the big whites. And then I do roses. And then I go to the big kahunas. I'd love to show you them if you want to try them. Love to. Cheers. Cheers. [MUSIC] Oh yeah. Softer, right? So much softer. Now what is your favorite tip for serving a red? I know you're all about Keeping it cool. Something this heavy you said right around 65 degrees? Well the base rule is this: Red wine should never be served room temperature. I'm just saying a good five minutes in ice and water brings any wine down to temperature and makes all the difference. For me Above all, what's a perfect quaffing wine, which is like, the wine you just want to drink without thinking about it, without thinking about food, and just makes me feel good, and refreshes my palate, and just its juicy deliciousness. So here's what we have. A beautiful Chablis from Jadot. Chablis is the region. It is the only burgundy, white burgundy with no oak. Here's a rule of thumb. Do not condemn the wine. On the first sip, it needs a second. A second sip on this will be full bloom sweetness. Taste it. And if you like it, my job is done. But if you're not sure, you need a third component and that is fat. So I always have wine first, then cheese, then wine again. [BLANK_AUDIO] I can have this without foot and I can only imagine that with food, it's going to be even better. Even better. The only way to learn is to drink every day, do your homework. Can we drop it into ice for five minutes before we get going? Because I just want to make sure it's okay. Ice and water please. You think you're being a trouble maker? You've actually become a VIP. [UNKNOWN] glass ware comes out, a white bucket comes out with linens on it. I'm telling you it's a game changer, when you Let them know in the politest way possible, that you want your wine served properly. When you go to a party and there's four wines being offered by the glass, how many should you try? All four. If anybody has any bottle opened, anything, even if it is something you can't possibly like. Try it and you might be really surprised after you try it twice and then the third time with a beautiful piece of cheese it might be your new favorite wine. Best homework I've ever gotten. Drink wine every day. Cheers Cheers [MUSIC]
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Newport Mansions Wine & Food: The Art (and Science) of Wine Tasting