Mythbusters - The Truth about Tryptophan

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[SOUND] If this myth is all about tiredness, I think reaction time is how we should test it. Right. But why don't we come up with a control test that tests our reaction time and then we'll have multiple tests where we try different amounts of turkey and even try tryptophan. And since I don't eat turkey, that makes you two the guinea pigs. Sounds great to me. Let the feasting begin. But before Grant ties on his best bib, the boys need to give Carrie some Some baseline response times. And you know when you're tired your reaction time is slow. Que arcade lighting. This is whack a Mythbusters, they're gonna bounce for 45 seconds. They get a point for every time they hit one of their co-workers. First up is a fit and ride away Tori. Three, two, one. It seems he's in pretty good form. Take that Cary. Great visions. Kind of weird to whack yourself. Fast reactions. [SOUND] and just the right balance of homicidal intent. [SOUND] So in forty-five seconds I was able to rack up sixty one points that is my control. All Bret needs to do is set his own reaction time [UNKNOWN] [SOUND] But it's hard to resist going one up on Tory. 66. Not bad. [SOUND] Next, before munching the meal of the myth, they need to confirm that tryptophan does actually make you tired. What is tryptophan? Well, it's an amino acid that's in turkey and that's the thing that people say causes you to become sleepy. We're gonna be taking it its pure capsule form in an amount That's been approved by both our nutritionist and our safety officer. The dose is much more than in any turkey dinner and after 45 minutes, it's clear the guys aren't at their perky peaks. Feeling tryptophantastic. I feel tripped out. Alright. Ready to do this test on tryptophan. Here we go, Whack a Mythbuster. [SOUND] Of course, this all comes down to the numbers but you'd have to say tired-out Tory looks about as sharp as a bowling ball. [SOUND] After 45 undeniably sluggish seconds 49, from a 61 to a 49. [MUSIC]
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Mythbusters - The Truth about Tryptophan