Muir Glen: Special Harvest

As a special project, we went back to the day when tomatoes were caringly picked by hand. The results are delicious.

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[MUSIC] The reserve harvest is a project that Muir Glenn has had going on now for two years, to showcase the highest quality product that Muir Glenn can Provide. These tomatoes are different from the standard Muir Glen varieties. The goal was to find something more unique, than what was already available on the market. It's harvest day today, they're out hand selecting the best fruit for this Muir Glen Reserve product. So what we look for internally in these tomatoes We'd like to see a nice red uniform color all the way through. We'd like to see a nice thick wall which would indicate that it's gonna be a good dicing tomato. Flavor's very sweet, has a good acid to sugar balance. It's very good. We hand harvest it to maximize the yield that we can get out of the variety. It's a limited variety, so we have to be careful to make sure we get as many tomatoes out of the field as we can. So we get everyone organized and spread out, and basically begin cutting plants and shaking the fruit off, which would expose all the best fruit, so that the harvest crew can then select that to go into the tubs to be hauled to the cannery, and processed later this afternoon. It's an unusual style of harvest, it's a bit of a throwback Currently 100% of processing tomatoes are machine harvested. But because it's a special reserved product, we wanted to bring back the hand harvest, because it gives us the highest quality. [MUSIC]
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Muir Glen: Special Harvest