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[MUSIC] When folks that have never had artichokes try an artichoke for the first time and I give them the demonstration, just that interaction with the food and the way to eat it is something that wins people over. [MUSIC]. [MUSIC] Hello, I'm chef Tony Baker, and I am the chef-partner of Montrio Bistro here in Monterrey California. I moved here in 1994 from Bristol England with $500 and a backpack, wearing shorts, carrying out a thumb, hitchhiking everywhere. I couldn't imagine a better place to live. California, Monterey, it's allowed me to dream big and get big. I'm very proud of the restaurant we have here. My relationship started many years ago with Ocean Mist farmers when actually some members of Ocean Mist farms came in for lunch at Montrio and they asked me to do some cooking demonstrations to folks that just see them as a thistle. Ocean Mist grows over 30 different types of cool season vegetables, starting with our signature crop that we're standing in today, artichokes. What makes it the most unique vegetable growing area, probably in the world, Monterey, California, is the fact that we have different microclimates ,and it's known with our customers and buyers there is not one area that can best California. Chef Tony of Montrio Bistro is one of the strongest advocates of artichokes, and one of the most creative chefs on the uses of artichokes in the world. He's like me in an artichoke field, a kid in the candy factory. So when he starts talking about his recipes and his artichokes and his restaurant, and what he does for us That passion comes out. And you know when that passion comes out in an individual that there's a sense of excellence in everything they do. It starts with the ingredients. If we have amazing ingredients, then my job as a chef is a lot easier. Here. [MUSIC] The diversity the artichokes carry is amazing. I mean, I shave them, I candy them I dehydrate them and make artichoke chips. We do an artichoke sour dough bisque, we do artichokes in pastas, salads. We use the babies, we use the stem and peel it down and braise it There's an almost infinite number of things you can do with Artichokes. They're a lot more versatile than most people may think. Plus the ocean we get amazing seafood that were caught today. [MUSIC] So, with so many great ingredients growing on our doorstep, there's always something there to play with, always something to cook with. And again, plus to live where I live. [MUSIC]
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