Ming Tsai: Shrimp Toasts

Ming Tsai makes Shrimp Toasts at the 2006 Classic in Aspen

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[MUSIC] All right this is- [INAUDIBLE] Okay, you guys are getting it. Awesome, cut the crust off. Be fancy, my dad who actually is not British he's Chinese kinda like my mom which why I'm 100%. That's need to know. And cut the crust off. Throw it into an oven. Dry it out. [BLANK_AUDIO] Like this. And the reason you dry out the bread is fresh bread is going to absorb a lot more oil. All right so we'd use dry bread. It will still have the wonderful texture and be nice and crunchy when it's fried. There you go. But it won't soak as much oil. This is Jicama. Jicama looks like this and when you cut it looks like that. Together. Jicama is poor man's water chestnut. Water chestnuts I love. Fresh ones are ideal, canned ones I don't like so much. Canned ones taste like a can. And fresh ones are awesome but it takes absolutely forever To peel fresh ones, they're very seasonal. Jicama is in a lot of Hispanic cuisines, a lot of east west cuisines, in Southeast Asia it's used often. And with the magic power of James, give it up for James, guys. He's the sous chef today, he's done a lot. [APPLAUSE] You see this benois? He diced the jicama. He started in April. It's pretty good. It's very sweet, very crunchy, adds texture to the mousse, which I love. All right. We add a little bit of green scallions and then this is gonna be the toast. And I threw a piece of jicama in there, not by accident but on purpose to seal out the oils. Take the mousse so we can season it now. Raw sesame seeds on top. Ok? Now you want about a quarter inch, very even, because you want it to cook evenly. Right? So take your time. Edges are fine. Sesame seeds. Never put it in if the oil is too cold because it's just going to soak up the grease. Alright, so you have to be patient. Never drop. Always lay, and just at that point. Alright? Very important. So that oil's hot now. Through it towards the back of your oven because if you put it this way you can get yourself. Here I just get you guys. [LAUGH] So again be careful. You can just slide it like that. Ok? Don't burn yourself guys, this oil's about 450 degrees. Be careful, okay? Slide it in. How's that look, right? By the way, this is called shallow frying, which is a great way for the home cook, cuz when you have to fill up a whole stockpot with oil, what do you do with two quarts of screaming hot oil and you have kids running around? So do a little bit like this, it's cheaper, you can change the oil, cuz this oil now is gonna taste like shrimp [BLANK_AUDIO] All right, so the shrink toast is done, guys. Shrimp toast is great for a party. Fantastic for outdoors, Hanukkah's around the corner, there's that Jewish thing again. Christmas is around the corner too. Fantastic for parties. Ow, that's hot. What we're going to do is slice these in triangles Cuz there's no other shape that's three sided. [LAUGH] Eight years of college, it's paying off. [LAUGH] Don't ask me what my GPA is, cuz I really don't even know what GPA stands for, so. And we're gonna take these. All right, these are actually, they're a touch raw in the middle, don't worry, keep them like this. They will carry over. All right. But if I separate them, just plated them up, they're not going to carry over. This will carry over another 10 degrees. All right. And these are delicious. [SOUND] Yes they are. So. Like this. Like that. Jane, should we feed the people like we did last time? Yeah. Think so? All right, let's see. All right, cut them into 200 pieces, please. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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Ming Tsai: Shrimp Toasts