Ming Tsai: Satay Jubilee

Chef Ming Tsai shows how easy it is to entertain Asian-style with cranberry teriyaki satay.

Chef Ming Tsai shows how easy it is to entertain Asian-style with cranberry teriyaki satay at the 2007 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

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[MUSIC] Okay we're doing easy and entertaining. Easy Asian entertaining. We're going to make a cranberry teriyaki first. That's going to be a dipping sauce for these fantastic satays that Dominique's already working on. So we're adding the craisins as a sweetener and we are also adding orange juice and we're going to add cranberry juice, alright, so. Minced ginger. Season, you hear all these people, Emril. [LAUGH] He's popular, he's been around. Yeah, he talks about seasoning in layers. So every time you add something season it again. We have ginger, we have onions. We're gonna add soy sauce, we're gonna add cranberry juice. We're gonna add orange juice, we're gonna add orange zest. [BLANK_AUDIO] We're going to add some sugar, not tons, some. Craisins are tart, so you wanna balance it. You want sweetness for two things. You want it for the flavor, but you also want it so it can really stick to the sautes. You gotta taste this, all right? Even though it hasn't cooked and the flavors haven't melded, you have to taste it for salt. You wanna make sure the seasoning is on. You bring this to a simmer, you gotta cook it, it reduces by 20, 25%. You take it to Kitchen Aid, you blend it nice and smooth. You're looking for a nice, kinda sticky teriyaki like that. You can take this Oh. So you cook em through and you just hit it one more time. And that's how you get a good satay. So those are good now. Those we can plate up. And I love this cause then what we do is we take these satay's and we stick them in the hole. And we'll mix this, this will be my shrimp. Oh hey, can you throw the veggies on too? Oh, we didn't cook the veggies! You know what? Vegetables are so overrated. [LAUGH] If you wanted to do vegetarian, you're welcome to. Oh, but we have four. We have one extra hole. What are we gonna put in that, Dominique? Okay, I love raw eggplant. It's delicious. [LAUGH] It's so good. We sell it for $22 at Blue Ginger and it is the best food cost item I've ever had. You know what, Mario's gonna be like, I heard you made raw eggplant, what are you doing? [LAUGH] Raw zucchini is actually palatable. Then we take our sauce. Guys, you have to dip. So we glaze it, right? Which we love. But then you take your sauce and you put your sauce, as well. And if you want, you can do the traditional peanut sauce, that would work, but, again, when we designed these we wanted to have- There must be an easier, faster way than this. Eights years of college, nothing. [LAUGH] I bet if we take this out And do this. And use a ladle. Those CIAers, I tell ya. [LAUGH] That was seven times faster Dominique, but you showed me up in public so you're fired. [LAUGH] Next student. We need a stunt student please. All right, so there you have your sautees' guys all right. So very simple. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Ming Tsai: Satay Jubilee