Ming Tsai: Pot Stickers

Chef Ming Tsai demonstrates a technique for making perfect pot stickers.

Chef Ming Tsai demonstrates a technique for making perfect pot stickers at the 2007 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

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[MUSIC] All right, let's do our next dish. We're going to make pork and shrimp pot stickers. And we're gonna mix this two together. We're gonna cook this all the way through. Sesame oil, ginger, scallions, soy sauce naturally brewed. I don't care what brand you use. And by the way, when you make this mix, mix it all way. You gotta get it homogeneous and your welcome and you should actually put on your fridge for at least an hour. Let the flavors come together. That's important. I have to have hot oil here. So I'm gonna take advantage of that. I'm gonna take a little bit of this and fry it up. And I wanna taste it cuz it needs to taste really good, seasoned. You're gonna make 50 pahsties and then you taste your first one, you're like, damn. I just made 50 pahsties and none of them taste good. [SOUND] I'm not tasting this. You wanna taste this? [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] I take square wrappers because I'm big into feng shui. They make perfect bagwas, eight sided. When you make an eight sided potsticker wrapper, the flavor and the texture is absolutely the same. [LAUGH] Egg wash. So you need egg wash. It's nature's glue, cuz there's protein in egg. So when it gets hot, it solidifies. So you kinda make a half moon. You wanna fold and seal. This is like the old pastry trick. And the reason you do that is it seals it, all right? You want this hot, and this is a great way to test the pan. Don't waste a potsticker. Take a cheap little scallion. Throw that in. All right, so you got a little sizzle, that's not bad. You need a sizzle. [NOISE] [LAUGH] I did a show once, eight-minute segment, I'm seven minutes into it, all I have to do is put some vegetables in a pan, I put it into the pan, I forgot to turn the pan on. And I went [NOISE] okay, let's go to break. [LAUGH] No one caught it, it was so funny. What I'm doing here As I'm going for G, B, and D. Golden, brown, and delicious. [LAUGH] Okay, that's perfect. Now, cover in hand, water, this is very important, gotta put it in. You gotta cover it immediately. And what's happening now, that pork and shrimp were still raw. They were not cooked at all. But right now The water's steaming now. My beautiful, golden brown, delicious, crispy pot-stickers are now soft. Not great, right? By the way, if you wanna up it up, get some chicken stock instead. Makes it even more delicious. And you have to listen and you have to listen for that bubbling to go away. And eventually the bottom will re-crisp and then you serve them. Do you guys see that? So see how the tops are kind of steaming and translucent? That's what you're looking for. See how they're still a little stuck? The worst thing to do is try get under it and un-stick them. They're stuck cuz You need it to carmelize more and unstick itself. You need it to crisp up and eventually they will unstick all right? And that's what you want you want that nice again can you hear [SOUND] can you hear that? They take these. And when I plate them up, I'll plate them so you guys can see, like to plate them with the crispy side up. We just spent all this time making these crisp. If I put this crispy side down, they'd be soft in ten seconds. Why bother? Dipping sauce is so easy, guys. It's called dim sum dipper. Soy sauce. Naturally brewed rice vinegar as well. Sambal. One of the best condiments in the world called lageou. It's a chili pepper sauce. Scallions. This is delicious. I practically put this on my body. I put this dim sum dipper- [LAUGH] On everything I eat. I mean, I almost dip bananas in it. [APPLAUSE] It's just salty, it's tart, it's spicy. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Ming Tsai: Pot Stickers