Ming Tsai: Lemon-Crab Ravioli

Chef and restaurateur Ming Tsai stuffs ravioli with a crab and jicama filling.

Chef and restaurateur Ming Tsai stuffs ravioli with a crab and jicama filling at the 2007 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

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[MUSIC] Crab. Fresh crab. Smell your crab. This crab's been picked. These guys picked it. There are shells in live, when you buy crab you buy them by them the pint, and they should should smell and taste like the sea. If it smells fishy, don't use it. Again, work with it on ice. We're gonna make a little kind of a crab Rangoon filling. We're gonna add honey. Honey and crab just go so well together. It just brings out the sweetness of the crab, you don't need tons either, just a little drizzle is plenty. Pick them up, I call the poor man's water chestnut. Fresh water chestnuts in Chinese food is one of the most delicious things in the world. They're this big, they're very expensive, they're hard to peel, and by the time you're done you end up with nothing. They're delicious but they're a pain. I mean look how much dice I can get out of one icama. They're fantastic to cook and braised they keep their crunch. Scallions, lemon zest, lemon juice, we'll add a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. So this is my filling. And this you have to taste as well. So what you do is you take, and you wanna fill this as much as you can but you don't wanna get it on the sides. Cuz if you get it on the sides when it hits the oil they will bleed and then the oil goes in. And by this egg wash is about one egg to a tablespoon of water. Take your second skin. Lay it on top. And here you really need to push it all around, you can lift it off the board if you want, but you really need to seal it, alright. Because the last thing you want is oil to get in here. If oil gets in here it will cook the crab and it's just no good. So if you don't want to deep fry them you actually can pan sear them, it would work. All right these look good. [SOUND] Crab lemon rangoons. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]
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Ming Tsai: Lemon-Crab Ravioli