Ming Tsai: How to Roll Sushi

Ming Tsai prepares a simple but delicious avocado-lime maki, sharing tips on how to roll sushi like an expert.

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[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] We have a sushi rice. This is water. You need water when you roll sushi because otherwise it will stick to your hands. Water makes your hands moist. So then when I grab my rice, like this, it comes right off my fingers, right You line up the [UNKNOWN] to the very bottom of the mat. You fill the bottom half with sushi rice. This is the same for anything you're gonna roll. So we're going to start with this avocado roll. I'm gonna first put some [UNKNOWN] Which I love [UNKNOWN] plant tastes like [UNKNOWN] kind of. [UNKNOWN] alright? Little Japanese chili flake. So now I'm gonna go as slowly as gravity will allow me. I'm keeping my fingers on the filling so this could be tuna this could be chicken this could be whatever alright? And the idea is so simple if I can touch this top rice To this bottom rice. Then it's centered, okay? So, my fingers are pushing that until that rice touches, right? And then here, very softly, just pull back, right? It's just this, guys. It's not muscle. Just pull back. There's a little give to the mat. Now if there's a tricky part, it's this. You have to make sure when you start rolling, that this nori gets tucked in. So that again, with my fingers I tuck it, and I start rolling the sushi. Right? So, you get the side view here. I'm actually putting my thumbs here, and I'm rolling. Letting the mat grab the nori and bring it over. To the very last and then I use this glue, which is this vinegar and flavored water and then I continue rolling. Then you just count three. Two, one. Right? Then you roll it to the seem, and you let it rest on the seem so it dries. It's really simple. If the knife is a little bit moist. It's good, right? So I cut it once, if it's a little bit moist it will glide more easily through the sushi. This is something that anyone could do, right? I mean it's really simple. [APPLAUSE] You guys, thank you all very much. We love you. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Ming Tsai: How to Roll Sushi