Ming Tsai: Ginger Key Lime Drink

Chef and restaurateur Ming Tsai makes a sparkling ginger and key lime cocktail.

Chef and restaurateur Ming Tsai makes a sparkling ginger and key lime cocktail at the 2007 Classic in Aspen

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[MUSIC]. Drink. Let's shake a cocktail. Key limes, i'd say probably the best limes in the world. We're making a really good drink here. I love this drink. We're gonna take ginger syrup. Ginger syrup is incredibly delicious. Look how thick this is. It's like maple syrup. You take fresh ginger, you peel it, you slice it. You take equal parts of sugar and water And make a simple syrup with handfuls of the ginger. You bring it down. You bring it down until it has this fantastic consistency. Alright, so you have lime juice, right? We have ginger syrup. This is Gosling Rum. Puerto Rico, by the way, makes fantastic rum as well. This is from Bermuda. Any rum will work, just make sure it's good rum. Look at the color of that rum. This is almost. Malcolm Browsing's a friend, he might even cringe. I mean, this should actually be drunk out of a snifter, so he probably would cringe. It'd be like taking Cristal on the rocks. But, so, boom, we're gonna add a little OJ, just a touch. And I love drinks that have some sparkle. It just lightens it and makes it a better mouth feel. And then you take an orange. Which is OK. I've never tried this before, but it's a good way to mix it. I would not try this with a banana. [LAUGH] This drink Is fantastic with nothing. [LAUGH] All by itself, you can drink that. I mean, does that not say summer? I mean just look at that. If you want to do the old maquinina mojito thing, throw some mint in. It wouldn't hurt it. It would look beautiful, the minty herbaceousness would be great as with Thai basil leaves. I'm excited in there as well. We're done. [MUSIC]
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Ming Tsai: Ginger Key Lime Drink