Michael Symon & Kristen Kish: How to Make Roast Chicken

Michael Symon shares his wife's fast roast chicken recipe and Kristen Kish gives her secret for crispy skin.

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[MUSIC] For the home cook my wife Lizzy who's an unbelievable cook and my partner in restaurants. came up with a great way to do a chicken. I think it was a little bit by accident. Trying to get our son fed while we're busy working at the restaurant, didn't have a lot of time. She just takes lemons, paper thin, sage leaves stuffs them under the skin with an absorbed amount of butter and brushes the skin with olive oil. stuffs the cavity with herbs and roasts the whole thing. At five hundred degrees. The whole time? That's the other thing. The whole time. Holy ****. Five hundred degree oven, for forty-five minutes, it's perfectly golden, cooked all the way through, incredibly juicy. The skin's a little bit darker than some people might like it. Perfect for me. Just like that dark golden And the lemon and the herbs and the butter just- Yes. Melted through everything, and it's just, it's- It's incredible. Drop-dead delicious. People, I think, play too much with temperature and time in a skillet. I think it's good to start with the appropriate sized chicken. Yeah. Not too big. Yeah, not a turkey. [LAUGH] No, you don't want big, because you know, you want, like, the breast meat and the leg meat to cook at the same time. Yep. I like to air dry my chickens- Mm-hm. For a couple days before. It's kind of like Peking duck. Yeah. Same premise, right. I mean, they air dry it, they put it up, yeah. Exactly, so you want to enjoy crispy skin. Because God there's nothing better than like, crispy golden brown fatty chicken skin. **** delicious, it's delicious and then I'm more classic. You know, lots of butter underneath the skin, carrot, onion, celery, garlic Some lemon, truss it nice and tight, keep it nice and tight. I go in the high 400's. Home ovens I think typically need to be jacked up higher that what we would do in our restaurants but that 425ish depending on the size, nice 2 lb bird. 35-40 minutes, perfect. [MUSIC]
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Michael Symon & Kristen Kish: How to Make Roast Chicken