Michael Symon & Kristen Kish: America's Best Roast Chicken

Michael Symon and Kristen Kish discuss where to find the country's best roast chicken.

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[MUSIC] Oh my God, roast again? I may a roasted. There's nothing better, right? There's two roast chickens that I literally I dream about the Zuni roast chicken, the Judy Rodgers roast chicken where she salts it the night before. And then roasts it and serves it on the crunchy bread, almost like the panzanella bread, that the heels that the chicken roasted on. So the juices of the chicken would run down into the bread as it was roasting. I mean, it's- That sounds incredible. It's the most magical chair, like I get to San Francisco, I go to Zuni Cafe, And then, one of my dear friends and mentors, Jonathan Waxman, the Waxman roasted chicken. Half roasted chicken in his wood fired oven, same thing. Salted liberally the day before with salsa verde on it. Salsa verde has mint and tarragon and flat leaf parsley and capers and anchovies and olive oil. Just slathered on top of it with a side of his fried potatoes. I dream about it. I literally dream about it. There's a place in Boston Hamersley's. Mm-hm. And he is known, Gordon is known for his roasted chicken. Again half roasted chicken, just classic carrot, onion, celery, some lemon. And you roast it all together and he just serves it with all that mirepoix and just like the crunchy bits of the lemon. Just bright, bright flavors of parsley and just like dig into that with a glass of wine, sit at the bar I love a rose with a roasted turkey. Beautiful. [SOUND]
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Michael Symon & Kristen Kish: America's Best Roast Chicken