Michael Symon: Eggs in Hell

Michael Symon’s favorite weeknight meal features eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce and served with grilled bread.

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My wife and I are both in a restaurant business. She's a [UNKNOWN], I'm a chef. We have what is now a 27 year old son. Who was very little when we opened our first. Our first restaurant opened almost 18 years ago. So we were trying to figure out how do we get like We both grew up in families where you sat down for dinner every night. We had to figure out how to make meals quickly, but we didn't want Cal to grow up where it was like, "Okay, we're having dinner. Let's go get fast food." What I'm going to do today is called Eggs in Hell. What it is, is it's eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce. What I always tell people with the recipe is, the recipe is a guide to get you to where you need to be. Learn the technique. So a lot of cooking is common sense but if you learn the basic technique then you could make anything that you want. So we have two shallots sliced. We have three gloves of garlic sliced. And then I'm gonna take two jalapenos and slice those also with the seeds in. Whenever you're cooking though, you still wanna make sure that the entire time that you're cooking, you're tasting like a crazy person. It's your job as a cook or a chef to taste the food as you go and make sure it's seasoned properly as you go. So olive oil is in the pan. Shallots, garlic, jalapeno goes in. Salt, we're gonna put in a good pinch of salt. And what the salt does is, the salt pulls out the flavor and the deliciousness in the food. I'm gonna add some peeled, chopped Tomatoes, San Marzano. You could certainly use tomatoes from your garden, peel, and seed and dice them. Stir that up. I'm going to take a little bit of this water and put that in, just to get it to the right consistency. A little bit of cracked black pepper and I'm going to put my lid on this, and I'm just going to let this simmer away for a couple minutes. We now take our eggs. and crack them right into the tomato sauce. Now tomato sauce is acidic so, you know, what helps eggs kind of coagulate, the protein in eggs coagulate is acid. Like a lot of times you'll see people put vinegar in poached eggs. This is the same premise. And now I'm going to put the lid back on these. And they're gonna discontinue to poach. If you have a bunch of things going on, set your oven at like 275 degrees, slide them in the oven then they're gonna take like 8 to 10 minutes. We're gonna take these, little bit of cracked black pepper, some extra virgin oil, some flat leaf parsley, little bit of grilled bread. Some parmesan and it's ready to go, ready to bring to the table. Super easy. Super delicious. Great.
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Michael Symon: Eggs in Hell