Michael Symon and Kristen Kish: How to Make Scrambled Eggs

Here's how to make the creamy, luscious scrambled eggs that chefs Michael Symon and Kristen Kish dream about.

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[MUSIC] Eggs are supposed to be [UNKNOWN] and creamy and fatty and delicious. If I'm scrambling eggs I go on and off the heat with the whisked eggs. Until they start coming together, and when I look at them and they're still on the runny side but getting close to being finished, I put in a little pad of butter and some creme fraiche and then pull them off the heat and fold in the creme fraiche and the butter. And it slows down the cooking so the eggs don't over cook, and it gives them That additional creaminess and then the nice little tartness of the creme fraiche. To go against all the fatty eggs. Right. If you cook them until they're done, buy the time you get them on the plate they're gonna be overcooked. So to put something in there that's a little cool to slow down the cooking, and create a little bit more creaminess. It protects you as a cook. Whether you're a home cook or a chef or whatever you are. And it tastes good. And it's delicious. [LAUGH] It's butter or creme fraiche. Right. You can't really go wrong with it. Yeah. Just throw it like. I love butter. Yeah. I it's kinda my weakness. [LAUGH] But butter. I add pads and pads of butter and it's So **** good. It's so good. Yeah, it gives you a great mouthful. Then you have the opposite one where you have a high heat pan, oil, throw your eggs in, kind of like Asian style, fry them up a little bit. I love that too. Throw it with some rice, some kim chi and like, a little saracha, Delicious. Whether it's lunch, dinner, doesn't matter. Eggs are good. I am just as happy eating eggs for Dinner as I am for breakfast- Yeah. As I am for lunch. Yeah. [MUSIC].
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Michael Symon and Kristen Kish: How to Make Scrambled Eggs