Michael Symon and Kristen Kish: Food vs. Sex

Can food be as sensual as sex? The chefs discuss.

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[MUSIC] Well let's preface this by saying sex is just great. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I think it depends on the sex and it depends on the food. Exactly [LAUGH] Exactly. Like I was just joking earlier. When Liz is doing yoga, as much as I love food, a lot better than sex. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Yep, [INAUDIBLE]. [UNKNOWN] I think that especially for chefs, when you talk about food and you talk about sex, they're two things that invoke passion. You know. You describe them the same way. Absolutely. The way you talk about food it can be, you could be talking about sex all day long. Right. And it, they just go hand in hand as they should because again like you said they just bring out this passion, this love, and this desire and want and need for two fantastic things. Right. Liz and I have been together for For a long time, probably almost as long as you've been alive. [lll] So it took like, you know, we met in 1989. We met in the restaurant business. So from 1989 to 2010 we'd never taken a New Year's Eve off. You know, it was the busiest night in every restaurant. In 2010 we finally said **** it, we're not going in the night. We're gonna enjoy the night by ourselves. So we did lobster, crab, artichokes, lemon, truffles Poached in butter and we literally sat like vikings in front of this beautiful fire at about 10:00 and just started eating food with our hands. It was, by far, the most romantic, sexiest Wonderful dinner I've ever had with my wife in 20 plus years. And, of course, we fell asleep before 12 o'clock. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] It was a very sexual meal, and then we were so excited to be up for New Year's Eve, we fell asleep by 11:30. We woke up at 2:30, and had a wonderful New Year's Day the next day. And there's [INAUDIBLE] Something to be said with eating with your hands. It's, I love it. My girlfriend, the first time I cooked for her, we made pasta together. We hand rolled it, we made the dough, fed it through the machine. And it was this shared experience and it's something that she had never really done before. And something that I find very calming and it puts you at ease, right. Oh, absolutely. And you just go through this process together. There's flour everywhere, you're having a good time. And you're just feeling, it's this hands thing. It's touch and stimulation. Yeah. And the feel of food. It is beautiful. The process of food is sexy and it's romantic. I think the most stimulating for me is being able to cook with whoever you're with And cook together and get your hands dirty and share an experience together. Yes That sets it up for the meal and then that will make your meal sexy. And then hopefully you don't eat so much that you fall asleep [CROSSTALK] It doesn't matter then you wake up and you do it.
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Michael Symon and Kristen Kish: Food vs. Sex