Michael Schlow, Best New Chef 1996

Radius, Boston

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Michael Schlow, I'm the chef and co-owner of Radius. We're sitting here now. It's in downtown Boston on High Street. Well Radius is my first baby. It's my first child and so I'll always have a very very Special place in my heart. It's one of very few four star restaurants in the city of Boston. That's something we're incredibly proud of. [MUSIC] It's a very unique place, Boston. There's something comforting about this city, it's a very picturesque, a very beautiful place. [MUSIC] If you really wanna get lost for the day go to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Is like a little fantasy land. The art is gorgeous. You just feel like you're in another time zone. The Middle East is a club in Cambridge. There's just this giant influx on different types of music and influences, and it's a wonderful place if you like music it's a great place. In my neighborhood, we have a lot of great restaurants. B and G Oysters is one of my favorites. They've got this long laundry list of all these great oysters they've brought from all over the place. It's a small city and you'll recognize people in your restaurants and there's something nostalgic and nurturing about that.
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Michael Schlow, Best New Chef 1996