Michael Chiarello: A Meal Better Than Sex

The sensual chef recalls an intense night in Italy involving a chicken and some truffles.

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[MUSIC] Best example I have is a restaurant called [FOREIGN] And I was with back in the day Jacamo Balone. He was like the James Beard of Italy. He's a little [FOREIGN] he's a little crazy. So he comes to the table for the third course with a guinea hen. Again a hen, stuffed with fist sized truffles from Alba. And he wraps it. It wasn't terracotta, it was just dirt. It was a big dirt clog. And he roasted the whole thing in a wood burning oven. And he takes this big dirt clog, and he comes to the table in front of the fire place with a [UNKNOWN] hammer and wrap wrap wraps it and al the dirt clog falls apart. And there's this guinea hen with fist sized truffles roasting inside. And the entire room filled up with the smell of sex and everybody at the same time was kind of squeezing their knees together just a little bit. [MUSIC]
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Michael Chiarello: A Meal Better Than Sex