Michael Chiarello Demo: Mustard Greens

Michael Chiarello demonstrates cooking with mustard greens.

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There's a number of different types of mustard green. All of them are going to have varying amounts of bitterness. In deciding how you want to cook your mustard greens, you actually have to taste them first. If you just taste a little bit of the leaf and see how spicy they are. If they're really spicy, you're going to blanch them first, and then chop them, and then cook them a second time in saute. If its a March of April when its nice and spring and they're really sweet you can go right to sauteing. Now the stem is much denser its going to take ten times longer to cook than this tender green outer leaf. So were going to get her down on our cutting board were going to cut that off of there and just cut a V [SOUND] Right into the leek and get rid of the thickest part of those. You get rid of those hard sections right in the middle. Saute these As simple as can be. And these are gonna now like kinda nouvelle cuisine cooking where they just cook for 30 seconds and they stay bright green. They're gonna cook all the way over the top of doneness with a little bit of garlic, some olive oil. All right, that's gonna saute until it gets light brown. Mustard green goes in the pan, salt and pepper, they're gonna cook for about 30 minutes. After you bowl them in a bowl and they've cooled off You're gonna add a little red wine vinegar to them. That red wine vinegar is going to preserve them. Where I'm from, what my family, what we would do, is take a big huge bowl of these on Sunday, and we'd eat them all week long. And you should too.
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Michael Chiarello Demo: Mustard Greens