Michael Chiarello Demo: Artichokes

Michael Chiarello demonstrates cleaning and preparing artichokes.

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I'm Michael Chiarello from Bottega Restaurant in Yountville, in the heart of the Napa Valley, California. The demo today's gonna be about artichokes, and to clean them's really quite simple. So, you take the artichoke, you wanna just take your fingers and pull off some of the course outer leaves. But then once we get inside, I want you to be a little more particular. You wanna get your thumb right here. That's the spot that I'm protecting. I bend it back. I leave it right there. The artichoke will tell you where to go, just pay attention to it. It's the light green that we're looking for. Where they're light green is where they're tender, so I'll cut right about there, right into the light spot. I'll cut the stem back just a little bit. Now the stem, same thing. The stem's right there. That's the tender spot. We want to get rid of that. Take a paring knife and go right down into the middle of that artichoke. And then, holding your knife still but turning the artichoke And you just turn the artichoke around your knife until you get rid of all the green. The green's the bitter stuff. That's what we want to get rid of. I'm going to cut this into quarters. I'm going to cut the choke out. That's this little [UNKNOWN] spot right in here. Just take the knife right in here and pull it back. I'm going to go right into a bowl that's got olive oil already in it. The olive oil is going to act as the antioxidant. I'm not going to put them in water. They're going to go straight into olive oil, to which I've added some lemon juice. And the same olive oil and lemon juice I'm going to add the garlic, thyme, salt, and pepper. Slide this into an oven-going dish, and it goes right into the oven. It's really that simple.
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Michael Chiarello Demo: Artichokes