Michael Chiarello and Sang Yoon: The Cult of Kale

Be gone kale chips and raw kale salads! Michael Chiarello and Sang Yoon debate the pros and cons of kale-mania.

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[SOUND] [MUSIC] Kale. [MUSIC] I think Kale's gone too far. I think theres some varieties of kale that are being used inappropriately. They're serving raw kale in salads, and I just. I think it can be tough and chewy and I think sometimes, the desire to follow a trend sort of overcomes good culinary sense. Well, we call it Cablinaro so it comes from my people. Yeah. > Yes I know. Colano is an ancient greens it's a Tuscan kale. Yeah. It's a Tuscan cabbage. No it grows like a Romaine but really thin and open and it can be. Yeah. Much it's much thinner than a Russian kale to me. Yeah. If we're gonna do it raw it will still be warm going to warm dressing the They could open the pores up and take in some of the moisture and it has to be shooken on very fine. Or, it's gotta be cooked forever like a ribollita so it still holds its texture after and hour and a half in the pot making this ribollita soup. All the kale salads I've had raw, my favorite ones are the ones made from very finely shaved Habanero. it has to be, if you don't If you don't, you're dead. But come on, big pieces, big giant. No no no, it's too much. Jaw workout. [LAUGH]. My number one pet peeve where I just think it's gone too far is kale chips. You're in the grocery store- Or at the checkout. You know there's 12, 13 dollar bags of kale chips. I mean really. And they don't taste good. No. They're horrible. They're soggy. Like do we really need fried kale. I mean it's not better than potato chips. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Michael Chiarello and Sang Yoon: The Cult of Kale