Melissa Clark: How to Properly Mix a Vinaigrette

Melissa Clark shares her smart tips for mixing a perfect vinaigrette.

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[MUSIC] So while my beans are coming up to pressure, I'm gonna whip up a little vinaigrette. I'm gonna use sherry vinegar because I love the sorta candy, very winey taste. I think it has great flavor and it's gonna go really nicely with the cannellini beans, which are mild. So, just want to add some sherry vinegar to a bowl, This is chopped shallot. And i'm adding the shallot and the vinegar together first because what happens and the salt as well. Because what happens right now is the salt will dissolve in the vinegar and the shallot will mellow a little bit in the vinegar. So I'm gonna let that happen for a few seconds, just whisk it up, let it sit for a minute. And then drizzle in your olive oil. [MUSIC]
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Melissa Clark: How to Properly Mix a Vinaigrette