Mature Guest Bedroom

This guest suite was designed to loosely mirror the layout of the master suite below. Relying on a mature, gender-neutral palette of deep taupes, soft grays, and crisp whites, the designer grounded the space with a headboard and shapely side tables.

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[MUSIC] The guest room upstairs is such a beautiful ethereal space. The bed is certainly the star in this room, with a beautiful upholstered head Board with a wood frame around it. It was really unique in how they pieced it together. It's the same linen, but just in different colors. And almost creates the effect that it's striped fabric and that headboard is just such a beautiful, commanding presence in the room. And the bedding is played off of that in just other shades of white, greens and blues and it's just a really beautiful, comfortable bed Suzanne has such a beautiful way that she dresses beds. Instead of leaving the bed frame exposed, she has a beautiful bed skirt that falls all the way to the floor. It's usually done in a fabric that matches the headboard and it really is just a way to finish a bed and give it just a beautiful tailored look. The bedside tables on either side are from Suzanne's collection from Hickory Chair. The lamps on top are a matching pair. And they're again just a really soft blue-green color. There's watercolor prints opposite the wall at the foot of the bed. And those just add a bright burst of energy to the room. Those paintings are hung over a cabinet piece that is, again, in just a weathered wood finish. Suzanne has accessorized it with a layup and a collection of vases. They look like pieces of found pottery, and they just have such a beautiful presence. There's a bank of windows set into the eave of the roof. And again, it's just such a nice little nook carved out in that room. It's got a beautiful view out to the water. Nestled in the nook is a pair of white linen upholstered chairs and a really interesting sculptural rope table. Just creates a beautiful spot for guests. [MUSIC] On a wall in the bedroom is just a really beautiful bench that matches exactly that show stopping headboard. [MUSIC] Above the bench there's a round mirror hanging on the wall that just adds such a beautiful hit of color to the room against those crisp white walls. The color palette in this bedroom is so soothing and really echos the view just outside the windows.
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Mature Guest Bedroom