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I'm Mark and I caught the travel bug when I spent six months bumming around Europe back when I was in college. That's also when I got into the habit of taking notes whenever I traveled. They really bring back memories. You don't have to me Hemingway, either. Just jot down some thoughts before you go to bed each night. Another way to bring back memories of your travel is to start a souvenir collection. Me I collect masks. I got this one from a Maori carver in New Zealand. Its made from totara wood, I think its just beautiful. I got this other little guy from a shop on Hollywood road in Hong Kong. Hong Kong isnt really known from its masks And now you know why. Because I travel a lot, people often ask me for the most exotic place I've visited. I tell them the Temple of the Tooth in the religious capital of Kandy in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Cool, huh? Which Which reminds me, if you want to impress your friends when you get back from your next trip, just add the name central highlands to the name of your destination. You can find me on twitter my handle is @orwoll. Meantime, I am off to an appointment, the central highlands of New Jersey. Maybe I'll even pick up a mask. [MUSIC]
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Mark Orwoll