Mario Q - What are some vegan dishes-FAW export

Mario Q - What are some vegan dishes

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We had talked before, and you had talked about having some vegan dishes that aren't overtly vegan. Well. But they'll be delicious. Exactly. I mean, I cook vegan all the time at my house. But without the specific gut wrenching word vegan coming out of me. [LAUGH] But that's a, it's easy to cook without meat products, or cheese, or dairy. It's just It's just something that as a rule, I don't like to adhere to. So we have a whole restaurant in the vegetable department that is pure vegan. Wow. So give me three things you're thinking about there. Well, we're gonna have this gran pinzimonio, there'll be this giant [UNKNOWN] like display of vegetables. And you can choose whatever you want. And then we'll either steam it or serve it raw. Once it's been steamed, we serve it with a classic bagna cauda from Piemonte, or just a little lemon citronette with a tiny touch of mustard, or no mustard at all. Or there'll be a soup every day, there'll also be tiny stuffed vegetables in the style of Piemonte, but using some of our local vegetables. So it'll be kind of an interesting cross Over between true Italian Piemonte cooking, and our ingredients, but we're really adhering more to the tradition of Piemonte. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Mario Q - What are some vegan dishes-FAW export