Mario Batali's Favorite Dried Pastas

The super chef explains what you should look for when buying dried pasta.

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This is called Orro Napoli. Orro de Napoli it's [FOREIGN]. What I like are [FOREIGN], [FOREIGN], Barilla, this one, and [FOREIGN]. It's worth spending an extra buck a bag, or even two bucks. That's 300%, When you think about the quality of food you can eat by adding three dollars, which is 300 hundred percent when you're making four portions of it. Buy a pasta that's [UNKNOWN] made, extruded through bronze dye, and dried very slowly. What it does, in addition to tasting better and being better for you, it also gives you a window of over cooking this. If you miss it by 30 seconds and it's an American pasta, it will turn into cremates. If you miss an Italian pasta by thirty seconds, it's still damn good. [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Mario Batali's Favorite Dried Pastas