Mario Batali & Nancy Silverton: KitchenAid Auction


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Hi folks, I'm Brian Maynard, I'm from KitchenAid. And we started a little program here many, many years ago called Cook for the Cure. Cook for the Cure, [APPLAUSE] Thank you, I think that's my mother out there. [LAUGH] Thanks, mom! Cook for the Cure benefits Susan G Koman for the Cure but it's actually taken off all over the world. We have a program in Italy and South Africa, Israel, all over the place. We've raised over $8 million globally to fight breast cancer. [APPLAUSE] That you should absolutely applaud for. One of the ways that we do that is at events like this and the generosity of people like Nancy and Mario, we auction off a mixer. But one of the things we're gonna do here today, is that I have this Pass the Plate program that I started. Each of these plates has a unique serial number on the back of it. It is to encourage you to cook and pass the plate to your friends. What you do is you cook something. Maybe a plate of pasta and then you pass that to your friend Nancy. You maybe take a picture of it. Talk about the recipe and you put it up at You register the plate and a contribution gets made to the Komen foundation. Then Nancy takes it and passes it on to someone else and someone else and so on. You can go up to and see where your plate has journeyed So, in addition to the mixer that you can buy at this auction we're gonna do right now, Nancy and Mario will pass the plate to you. If you don't win, you can go to and buy a plate, and start it out on your own. And I would encourage you to do that. So, can I get like $1,000 to get this thing started? I have $1,000 here in the front. Could I get $2000? I have $1000 in the front of the room. Could I get $1500? It's a great cause. Tax write-off. And I can't see very well, so you have to yell. I'm sorry? $2000. Thank you very much. I can't see, so if you could yell, that would be great. 2000, could I get 3000 from you, sir? I have 2000 in the front. 3000 back to you 2500? 2500. Can I get 3000. I got three. Can I get 3500. I have three once, twice, fair warning. Sold. $3000. Thank you. Bravo.
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Mario Batali & Nancy Silverton: KitchenAid Auction