Marcus Samuelsson's Favorite Off-Duty Recipes

Chef Marcus Samuelsson shares some of his favorite dishes to make at home.

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So the very fish I'm going to do is something called shrimp peri peri. Peri peri is the easiest vinaigrette sauce to make. Kingsley, let's put this together. It's really. I want to introduce you to Kingsley, he travels with me everywhere, and I wouldn't be able to do any of my work without Kingsley. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] So puri puri is really a vinaigrette that comes out of South Africa and you find it in all of Southern Africa. Places like Zimbabwe, even all the way up to Kenya. It has fresh herbs, garlic, chilies, olive oil, and it is very easy. You can decide how spicy you want to make it, because the chili is essentially what's gonna drive the heat, right. So we're going with both jalapenos and a little bit of bird's eye chillies that are dried. So again, when you cook something with heat, Always predetermine, okay who am I cooking for? Am I cooking for kids? Well maybe those chilis should be bell peppers. Am I cooking for people that travelled a lot? Well maybe you can even go with habaneros, right? So it's really balancing that out. Everyone likes a little bit of flavor, so, if you roast off, [COUGH] if you roast off the chillies If you roast up the garlic they're gonna put in, it's gonna taste even better. Okay, so we have the shrimp. Gonna throw in a little bit of garlic. [NOISE] All right. [SOUND] That's it, right? So, what do we got in there? We got [UNKNOWN] citrus, it could be lime juice, lemon juice, olive oil, chiles, cilantro, super easy to make. [SOUND] Alright, I'm just gonna saute them off, add a little bit of salt and pepper Who cooks at home? Does anyone cook? Very early. Yes. Who should come up and cook with me? Yeah. Come on. One person. Yes. Just need a little bit of water. Mm. So When you marinate if you marinate the shrimp don't marinate them in the piru piru sauce because it does have lemon juice. Cuz if you marinate them they will over cure and become ceviche right? So. What's your name? Solanda. Solanda? Solanda. Solanda. I love that. Thank you. That is the latin version of Chiquanda I like that. I like that. I like that name. That's good. Where you from? Atlanta. Atlanta. Good, good, good. All right, nice, nice. So, we got the shrimp. Smell that, right? smell it. Little bit of heat. Do you like heat? I like heat. A lot of heat. Yes. You know, [INAUDIBLE] is from your town. Yes he is. [INAUDIBLE] One of the best chefs in the country. He is such a good cook. You've been to, I like your little bar and Eugene of course. Absolutely. And the bar where he sort of tweets out, how many burgers he has, that's good eat. 24. 24 every night? Yeah. Nice. Excellent. I love that. Think about how much our world has changed, right? Obviously chefs today, we use Instagram, we use Twitter as a way of communicating. And you know now exactly how many burgers that you have. And it always goes viral, and they sell out every night. What else is good eats in Atlanta? It's all southern, you've got the grits, you've got the shrimp. Shrimp, grit, yep. The greens, chicken. Yeah, exactly. I love it. I mean Atlanta is a really interesting place because It wasn't that good food, maybe a couple of years ago. No, no, no, but, sort of there was always good food, but there wasn't a lot of known restaurants, so to say. INAUDIBLE. Yes, and a good friend of mine, Marcus Woods, just opened a restaurant there. So you should check out him. And of course, who else is in Atlanta? We have a very famous chef friend in Atlanta. Richard is there, absolutely. [INAUDIBLE] Yes. [INAUDIBLE] There you go. Somebody here to share a saga to echo restaurant. Nice, excellent. So how do we know that the shrimp are done? Come and touch it, come and feel it. Don't be afraid. Right? It's got a sort of bounce back a little bit. You gotta touch the food. Touch it, don't be afraid. There you go, get in there. It's hot, it's hot, right? Does that smell good? Awesome. Good, so The shrimp [UNKNOWN] is ready. We're gonna serve it with a dirty rice. We call it dirty rice because it's almost like a day old rice and all the leftovers. You know you can really dump in everything that you have left over from last night's dinner. So it's rice with a little bit of stock. We're gonna put that in here. And then if you have, let's say a little bit pork or bacon, you can add that in. And then you get this really good, sort of rustic, rice. So we gonna serve that, here. Just gonna put that right here. And if you know how to cook You really, it's really a blessing, because you don't gonna throw anything out, right? If you know how to cook, you know that 35% of the food that we buy now we throw out. But, if you have like a rice like this, you can also make rice for this the next day right? And they will taste even better. Look at this, all right? I will love, this is for you to serve. And I'm gonna make a special dish for you as well. And you wanna have it here on the house, the food and wine, because if you come to my restaurant I've gotta charge you. [LAUGH] And you don't want that. Look at this. Get a couple of spoons and forks in there. Okay great. And when you come back, I'm gonna have a plate special made for you that is yours okay? Okay, thank you. All right, thank you. You did a good job. You touched that shrimp. [LAUGH] There you go. To friends. Yeah take it to your friends whoever you like. Just spare voucher? Yes. Let's put let's finish this dish right here. I feel like do we need to kind of find out if there are anyone on the other side? Can you? I. You that's it's. I need a gentleman You're strong. Right there. Can you just bang on that wall and see if there's anyone there? Because they're so quiet. You know what I'm gonna do? Why don't we give them some, give Tyler and them some beer. Can you walk over with her, give Tyler, and you know, I've got, these beers are not even warm. One is half. I had a couple of sips in one. [LAUGH] Can you give him that? But I want something back, all right? Can we see? We want something back. [BLANK_AUDIO] Oh you gotta go the long way. I got food for you. When you coming back you're definitely winning. And this is your dish. I might not come back. [LAUGH] You might not come back. [LAUGH] Well you know what if not more for us here so that's okay. All right so where is she? This is your dish. There you go. Here's your there's your food. Here's your 28 dollar appetizer in New York. [LAUGH] What are you talking about? All right. So before we start with the next dish How many people have been to New York City?>> [APPLAUSE] All right. The next time you come to New York City you have to come by Red Rooster Street Bird, right? Red Rooster for me, always more than a restaurant. You come up the 125th. You can come there by two train, three train, ten minutes from Times Square. And you're gonna be transported into another place. There will always be music. There will always be art. There will always be great Harlem hospitality. I'm gonna put a smile on your face. And I believe we got the best job in the world. The happy business. If you come in my restaurant and you're not happier when you're leaving than you came in, we're failed. So it's very important for us that you come up, you try our food, and you have a good time. But Streetbird, it's on 116th and 8th Avenue. We take no reservation. It's close to Columbia. And the whole idea there is all based on rotisserie chicken. Rotisserie chicken, no dish is over 15 bucks, and you can have all types of rotisserie chicken. We have them with fried rice, we have them with noodles, we have a chicken burger, so it's a very casual concept and a lot of fun. So, one of the dishes Now, we started streak bird with, because people might not know. Yes, we do know there's an African American heritage in Harlem. But it's also Latin, Jewish, and Chinese. Chinese food has been in Harlem forever. So, Kingsley and I, we've thought about the menu. We thought about okay. Let's do a dish that sort of honors Chinese cooking. You know when you think about staff meal, it's always either Latin or Asian cooking. So our food in when I think about the food as street food is really inspired by our staff meals, inspired by the community and is really yummy and delicious. So we took this thighs and legs, and then we marinated it in a little bit of vodka. Always helps, right? [NOISE] And we have a little bit of soy and rice wine vinegar. So I have, just because I think about you guys always, I have a vodka shot right here and I now squeezed in a little bit of lime juice and again, it's for free. Order it at the bar tonight. Yeah, come over here and have it. That's yours. Absolutely. [BLANK_AUDIO] No drum roll? We have a DJ, no drum roll for that? [LAUGH] That's pretty big! You so picked the right girl. I picked the right girl. You did. What's your name? My name's Gerry. Gerry, where are you from? I'm from Chicago. [APPLAUSE] Nice, nice. I've been registered. Good. With the PY [INAUDIBLE] Nice. Your first cocktail. And the grapefruit, egg white, froth, it's delicious. I love that you know the recipe. [LAUGH] So you might be the cockologist. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] You know the recipe. Michael White was right. Michael White was right. Thank you. That's for you. Thank you so much for playing with that. So- [APPLAUSE] Looks like weed. Wow, what do you come back with here? We like see, we like, I see. Because Kingsley got dreadlocks, you come back with weed? That's not nice! What the hell! What the hell!. Don't judge. What the hell. I bring one Corinthian guy and we get weed? [SOUND] We're like decent, we're like decent sweets here. We don't know what to do with this. You know what Kingsley? One for you, one in the sauce, and two for Bridget, there you go. Can you believe that? That's good though, that's very good. I like that, Colorado style. I'm just gonna leave them up here and again, this is not sold in Harlem. [LAUGH] You'd be careful, we might do a little frisk and stop here. We don't wanna get in trouble here in Aspen. Anyway, this is a family show. How did you find that? You know I send you out for one mission to get some herb, but at least just stay, you want to be said herbs, we weren't specific, and that's what we got. I can't believe that. [LAUGH] I can't believe, that's bad. All right, now we know Kingsley what we're dealing with- [INAUDIBLE] Okay? All right. That's a little bit hot. And this is one thing that people love, to deep fry food but people are a little bit intimidated by deep frying at home, right? And, I get it. I think when you fry something at home, just have to have. You know there's certain thing. [SOUND] You wanna be careful with it because, cause see here, fry with peanut oil or canola oil, something that takes heat well. And then the second thing, is that we season the oil before. Back in the day it used to be day old oil. But we season it with a little bit of rosemary sprig. I'm just gonna fry. That disappeared quickly, what happened? Bridgette, you selling it? You have a shop, here? What happened? Oh, this? Yeah, I wanna fry it, see what's gonna happen. [LAUGH] Yeah, yes smells very good. There were two pieces now there's only one. What happened to the other piece. I see it. You know, these demos would not work without Bridget. She travels all over the country to south beach for the wine. New York food and wine. And without Devine Bridget this would not be happening. So, i'm slowing it down when i'm frying it, right? Season oil before, right? You wanna go in when it's about 350. Because once you put food into it, once you put your chicken in here. It's gonna go down to about 320, all right? If your gonna deep fry chicken. Fry chicken in general, two rules for you. Dark meat bone in is the best. Right? If you really want to do something big and get the best absolute flavor in fried chicken, the best way to go is actually frying a whole bird on the bone. Marinate in buttermilk the day before. Then, maybe use a turkey fryer. And then, fry it. It will taste incredibly well. Good, all right, so we're gonna fry up all these chicken. [UNKNOWN] you got this? And see, I'm gonna take that piece out, I don't know what I'm doing with this. All right, anyway, so we're frying it. And when you wok something, we're going from high heat cooking, right, you know, the idea of cooking high heat at home. You know, I think it's something. We learn Italian food. We learn French food, but then also how to cook more ethnic food at home is going to be the next thing. And on Off Duty, I talk a lot about the new modern pantry. Talk a lot about how to create these flavors that we use in the restaurant now, but it's a little bit more ethnic flavors and it just takes a couple, it's not harder. It's actually easier, but you need more heat, right? When your working a Wok, you wanna make sure you're working a big Wok and don't crowd it with stuff. Crowded with stuff it's going to go, get cold right away and if it gets cold right away then you don't get the flavors that you want. Going to put in a little bit of ginger and beans. Just some red chili flakes, scallions, always good. [BLANK_AUDIO] Yeah, here we go. [BLANK_AUDIO] Kinkla, I'm gonna need some of that rice, if you put that on a big platter, okay? Okay. How's the champagne in the back? How's the sparkling in the back? This is the most quiet party. Are we here or what? [APPLAUSE] All right. [INAUDIBLE] Right, all right so I just fried it, added in here, adding in peanuts, garlic. And now we have the really good stir fry going, okay? Who likes stir fry? [CHEERING] Nice, right. But, again, if you're going to do it for the whole family, I would do it. I wouldn't put much more in than this. Then, if you want to do many portions, I would maybe do it twice. And the whole idea about balancing is really, really important. So you have this heat from the chili flake that we put in. Grab the garlic and the gingers, that's gonna give you pungent flavors. And then you wanna match that with a little bit of sweetness. It could be mango, it could be papaya. Right? And a little bit of soy. I'm gonna add in the soy. Just a little bit of stock. Alright. And the last thing, I'm gonna add in the fruit. What kind of stock? So it could be chicken stock that you add maybe ginger in too, or garlic, any flavorful stock. Could also be Shrimp and chicken would be fantastic and adding in the shrimp into this dish. [BLANK_AUDIO] All right. [BLANK_AUDIO] So, who's hungry? Can we put up some of the rice? Okay, don't worry. Don't worry, don't worry. Who's hungry? Who's coming up and tasting? What's the breading on the chicken? Huh? What was the breading? So, a little bit of, you can do corn starch and regular flour, you can also do rice flour and regular flour. We used cornstarch this time. All right? So who's hungry? Nice! I like it. What else do we got for you? What's the best beverage with, what do we got? We got watermelon, I'm not gonna give him water- You have red wine. No, not red wine with chicken. Bourbon. [SOUND] [CROSSTALK] Alright, don't worry, no worries. So this here. What we're gonna do here, you guys have to line up, this looks good. [SOUND] I'm hungry. Look at this. We've got a couple of forks. Can you give me some other knives and forks here? Perfect, can you open that? This is very hot so, get some forks, jump in, but this how easy you can make sort of a, go ahead, jump in, jump in, pass it down. You know. This is how you start a party right? [LAUGH] It's hot. It's delicious right? Nom. You've got the sweet. You've got the salty. You got a little bit of heat right? The beans are important. You under cook so certain things you need to cook really well like the chicken and certain things you need to under cook. Like the beans they need to be under cooked right? Is that napkin, what? This is the like best block party ever. [LAUGH] Look at this. It got a little bit of bubbles. You can't tell anyone we're not supposed to give up any drinks or any food. [LAUGH] No hashtag, nothing. All right, so add some. Nice, thank you. [APPLAUSE] As i'm, I have a question. Who watches chopped? [APPLAUSE] Nice, who's the mean judge? Who's the nice judge? What's going on? [APPLAUSE] What's going on? What's the mean judge? No, I'm not mean, come on. [INAUDIBLE] Listen, I can't be mean. I just got my green card. I can't be mean, they can throw me out. [LAUGH] I gotta be very nice. Wait until I get citizen, when I become citizen, it's over. It's over. So, Scott [INAUDIBLE] Scott is mean? [INAUDIBLE] No, No! Scott is here. You know, we're gonna go tell him. He's here somewhere. He's cooking tonight. Gail's mom has to, you know that this is Gail's [UNKNOWN] mom? She is the sweetest lady so Yes, take picture with her, absolutely. She will be the Gayle stand-in because Gayle is working. Yeah, but we have a lot of fun on the show. It's very competitive, but we love the story telling and it's a lot of fun. And we've got one more dish. [APPLAUSE] All right, did that taste good? [APPLAUSE] That was nice. All right, so who tasted that? Nice. Yep. I'm gonna need one more pan. So Yep. So when you cook fish, who cooks fish at home? [APPLAUSE] So people are nervous about fish, and you shouldn't be cuz we eat a lot of fish in the country, a lot of seafood, but we're basically only three types of seafood, which is shrimp. Tuna and salmon stands for about 50% to 60% of the seafood that we eat in the United States. Try other fish. I got a beautiful yellowtail snapper that we're gonna sear up. And then I'm gonna serve it in beautiful sort of coconut broth. So with it And then in the coconut broth I have coconut milk, white wine, and fish stock, okay. So with this, when you see your fish, the key thing is squirt, right. And just don't overcrowd the pan. Gabriel, can you just push this down, hold this down? Yeah, sure. So, also use a good fish spatula, a good fish spatula, right? You just push it down like this, all right? Got it? Perfect. And what is fresh fish? You know, we always get nervous like I eat only where there's fresh fish. The whole term fresh fish is very complicated, right? Because if you go, like in our restaurant in Bermuda, we get fish deliveries from our guy twice a day. He gets us whatever is out there. Brines, snapper, grouper. I can control it, that's fresh fish. But no fish is over two days. But fresh fish for you guys buying it in a market could be A fish, a boat that had been out for six or seven days, all right? Sometimes fresh fish could be worse than frozen fish. So, the one thing that you wanna ask is constantly what you can control is when you go to your fish guy ask for Sushi quality of fish, grade A. I know what's going to happen. You're going to make sushi, you're going to walk in the back and you're going to get you the best piece. Also, ask for the bones because again, if you're going to cook fish, save the bones. Just put a pot right there A little bit of water, some white wine, maybe teaspoon of miso, bring it to a boil, let it simmer for 15 minutes, strain it and you have fish stock so you can make the most wonderful sort of fish broth with the next day. Okay, with all the leftover pieces from your fish, you save them and the next day. You have a really good dish. You add a couple of noodles in, you're a hipster from Brooklyn. [LAUGH] That's easy. Which is really important to be, by the way. [LAUGH] All right. So, in terms of this fish broth it's all about flavor and textures. So, I'm adding in a little bit of shallots. A little bit of ginger. I'm gonna add in the scallions later. [SOUND] So, mushrooms. So, I knew this show would be only about mushrooms, and herbs from Colorado. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] No, these are actually good criminis. [SOUND] Alright? And But we need a good fish broth if it comes down to texture, so yeah, you can have both rice and potatoes in a good fish broth, and that's what we're going to. We're going to do wonderful. And I'm going to throw in some fresh herbs. Just like this. Just rip them in. I'm going to do it all in the pan. All in the pan. All in the pan. A little bit of mint, a little bit of basil. Right? Some heat. So [BLANK_AUDIO] constantly. So you don't have to think about okay, what do I have in my refrigerator? If you have day old potatoes, chop them up, put them in the fish broth. All right coconut milk. Chicken stock or fish stock, a little bit of white wine. And you have a super delicious broth. I use miso as well. Just some beautiful blond soy bean paste. You know you can use miso for vegetables, fish, or chicken, or meat. If you use red meat, use dark miso. If you use chicken or fish, use blond miso. Okay. So we've got our broth. Alright. So you know how this is going to go. How are we going to do this? You know what, I'm going to serve a couple. I only have, what do we got, four pieces of fish? All right, i'm gonna actually serve it up. Setting up a full restaurant here. Why not? Oh, you guys are gonna owe me so much money. [LAUGH] All right, so we got it. You ready King? Your ready in about three minutes right? Yeah. See, look what Kings is doing. He's searing it. Basically 90% on the skin side, right? And then we're just gonna flip it over for ten seconds. When you see your fish [UNKNOWN], two things you wanna do. You start with oil and you finish with a little bit of butter. You don't start with the butter, you start with oil or clarified butter, and then you finish with butter. They do two sort of different things. The butter adds flavor. The cold butter adds flavor, and the oil is there for heat, right? [INAUDIBLE] Sorry? [INAUDIBLE] What is she saying? Why do we press this down? Okay, that's a great question. We press it down because we want the skin to be a little bit crispy, right. And when you have really fresh fish, it will respond. Right? It goes up right away, so what we did, we actually scored the fish a little bit so we can get it flat and crispy. [SOUND] Great question, I love that. Also means that this audience is not drinking enough, because that's a really good technical question. [LAUGH] So I don't know about the portify, but it's a good question. [LAUGH] So, here I'm just adding a little bit of stock in. And this by itself with fresh vegetables is a good dish. All right, so. Almost there, right? Mm-hm. All right so I'm gonna, we gotta about, how many portions have we got? [INAUDIBLE] He's just glazing it with a little bit of soy. No reason to get angry. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] There's no reason Just a little bit of soy but I like that we're leaning in. I like that we care. We're already family because only family would care. I love that. You know. So, we, a little bit of oil and then we finish with butter and we're just going to finish with some soy. Just for flavor, okay? So I'm gonna start plating this and Donna you gonna have the great pleasure of figuring out, which four great people gonna get this, and it can't be same. Be good sports, the guys who got something before, let the other people get a chance. Or not. [LAUGH] It don't matter, have fun. You know we just, like Kate said, we just finish our first [INAUDIBLE] made up food festival. And it was so much fun. Next, we're gonna do it in May next year as well, if you In New York, try to book the whole festivities [UNKNOWN] coming to New York around May, late Spring, because we're gonna have a [UNKNOWN] made up. Yes, we had some of the best chefs, [UNKNOWN], Jonathan Waxman, we had Ken [UNKNOWN], some of the best chefs in the country working with some of the best Holland chefs in our community. And it was such a wonderful experience. So we decided already Then we're gonna do it again. My goal is for you guys when you come to New York to really experience Harlem in a new way. If you love jazz there is some great experiences on Sunday that you can go to 160 it's in Edgecom and you can go to a lady Marjorie's house. Look up the parlor, the parlor, during a women's two bedroom apartment. She has a world class jazz band there for you. It's for free or as little or as much as you want to pay. Those are the type of cool experiences that Harlem has. And that's what I want to share with you guys. It's just a different part of the world. And sometimes when we travel, we travel abroad but sometimes we got it right here at home, all right? So, this looks good. [UNKNOWN] I'm not gonna, you and I have this instead. You and I, we start a part of this right here. Are we gonna share? [LAUGH] Now, I think you guys been patient enough I know one person we have to share with though because she done all the work. No, no, no Donna you gotta get this first one is for you. Every 23 years we give you -- [APPLAUSE] -- a little roasted fish. That's for you. Enjoy you earned it.
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Marcus Samuelsson's Favorite Off-Duty Recipes