Marcus Samuelsson & Hugh Acheson: The Merits and Failures of Brunch

It is a love/hate relationship with brunch for Marcus Samuelsson and Hugh Acheson.

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[MUSIC] No I actually I abhor brunch. I love brunch. I never thought I would say I would love brunch actually but it is one of the biggest meals in the restaurant. You know from a cook's point of view it's probably the hardest meal period because it's eggs on everything. And however you cook the eggs it's always they should have been harder, they should have been softer but. I've learned to love brunch. Brunch is purgatory. It's a painful, painful experience coming in and cooking eggs eighteen different ways. And then having you know the storied eggs Benedict be ordered over and over again, and watching restaurants around the country just butcher that classic. I love eggs Benedict. I know, everybody does. America does but I mean. A good one. Over 30 years they've distilled down to Knorr instant powder as a sauce and just cheap eggs, and cheap bacon and all these elements that are just not equating to much on a plate. Just brunch as so many [UNKNOWN] falls. That can occur. It's just tired people, hung over people, exhausted people and it's all centered in the kitchen and it emanates badly. One of the things that I love about brunch though, I think it is a completely American phenomena. I have taken sort of the theme of brunch and moved it into my restaurants in Sweden as well and it's actually the most popular meal because You know brunch is such a casual meal. Where you don't you know kids can run around and it's a little bit like you know it's just a fest. We have a big gospel brunch and the whole families from all over the from Harlem all over the country comes out so we have a lot of We'll have a good time in front [UNKNOWN]. My want is for a community to start dining out more evenly throughout the week and not just all coming for brunch as the accessible meal. [MUSIC]
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Marcus Samuelsson & Hugh Acheson:  The Merits and Failures of Brunch