Marcus Samuelsson: Fried Yardbird

Marcus Samuelsson demonstrates Red Rooster’s iconic fried chicken. Bone-in and brined in a mixture of buttermilk and coconut milk, seasoned with an Ethiopian spice blend.

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[NOISE] When you come to my restaurant in Harlem, one of the most iconic dishes that you want to try is the fried yard bird. Always cook it bone in. It'll be much juicier. I put it in a brine, water and salt, and let it sit And then we put it in marinade that's really buttermilk and coconut milk. The buttermilk acts as beautiful sourness and creaminess use your favorite flour,s season with a little bit of salt, pepper, I'm adding in berbere, which is an Ethiopian spice blend. Yes, really nice dried chilis. Ginger, smoked paprika, garlic, but come up with the spice blend that you like. It's really about making something that's really delicious. You can go back and forth.. [UNKNOWN] how to fry it. The best way to fry it is in a cast iron skillet. However, if we fry it at home, I would probably Put in a larger pot. Texture is so important and we start frying around 275, 300. Cuz it takes awhile to cook through. lift it out increase the heat to let's say, 360 and then we start frying for the crispiness. We'll add a really beautiful cooked through crunchy fried chicken. So we're also finishing off what we with our shake, so the same spices that we do have in the flour, we're also adding on, and we want to put that on. You want to put that on Right when it comes out fried chicken should be crunchy on the outside and still moist and juicy on the inside. Like any cook you want to do your own take, your own spin on it. And that's what I want you guys to do when you go home and fry your own yardbird. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Marcus Samuelsson: Fried Yardbird