Marcus Samuelsson: Fast Side Dishes

Marcus Samuelsson's great, fast fall side dishes.

Marcus Samuelsson talks about great, quick side dishes at the 2011 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

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If you do some Brussel sprouts with a little bit of bacon, it can be turkey bacon, then add in some sour dried cranberries. Now, you have sweet, you have tart, and you really roast the Brussel sprouts. That takes 15 minutes. You finish it off with a little bit of nuts, let's say walnuts something like that, and finish it up with walnut oil. This is delicious. You can have it all year round. Sweet potato mash, right. A little bit of nut meg, you cook the sweet potato mash, you blend it between sweet potatoes, a regular potato, a little bit of garlic, some milk, and coconut milk. And you simmer this together and then you're going to just mash it up. Add a little bit of nut meg. Even Indian garam masala, which you can find in any store. You have the most flavorful mash. Again, next day, you can roll them up and turn them into fritters, absolutely delicious.
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Marcus Samuelsson: Fast Side Dishes