Marcus Samuelsson and Hugh Acheson: The Best Fried Chicken

Dark meat? Bone-in? Marcus Samuelsson and Hugh Acheson reveal how to make the most incredible fried chicken.

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[SOUND] [MUSIC] I think the secrets of a great fried chicken is You gotta start first of all with a good bird that's not too big but, I would say 3.2 pounder, something like that. And also there's a clear decision right away. Bone in, bone out. Dark meat, white meat. So, in my case I like bone in, dark meat, it's much juicier. Definitely dark meat so, thighs, drumsticks, all that. Wings are definitely going to be the best thing Ye yeah I mean boneless fried chicken, who's doing that?>> [LAUGH] That's like wrong.>>So we put it first in salt water and then we marinate it with a little bit of coconut milk and buttermilk. Then we'll fry on low heat and then on high heat. Skillet frying with me is really important with fried chicken. Ten high lodge cast iron skillet, about that deep. Oil up halfway. Your oil is at 325 for the length of the frying. Pretty simple brine, and then out of the brine and into the buttermilk. And then into a spice dredge. Just flour and not and just flour and spices. And really not that much going on in the coating and not too much coating. I don't want gummy coating I want something really super crisp.>>So the texture is really key here.>>Texture is key.>>Yeah. So there's really two textures you're going for, you want the outside semi hard but then inside also juicy, right? Yeah. People think it just should be super crispy and then it's dry inside or vice versa, over drenched or something like that. Okay seasoning, I use mustard powder and cayenne and black pepper, and that is pretty much it. Yeah. Salt and everything's really bright and pretty straightforward. I'm showing off southern food and southern food has a core simplicity that is really important to keep going. I want to take my own stab at it, being in Harlem I knew there's, Hundreds of restaurants that serve fried chicken so. Yeah. So I actually use salt and then a berbere spice blend that comes from Ethiopia because I want to put my own stamp on it. Yep. that's great. Well you want to put your own stamp on it. Yeah. And that's great. [MUSIC]
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Marcus Samuelsson and Hugh Acheson: The Best Fried Chicken